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Pass-Through Convenience Windows & Doors

Pass Through Convenience Swing Door
No 1702-72 Convenience Window with glass swing door includes stainless steel shelf
  • Easy-clean windows simplify transfer of parts, materials and documents between rooms
  • Swing or sliding door opens from either side
  • Ideal for facilities where strict between-room environmental control is not required
  • Reinforced shelf gives users a place to set materials or documents
  • Door made of 1/2" clear tempered glass or opaque polypropylene, depending on the desired view into the other room
  • Expandable window frame fits standard wall thickness
  • Door also available with fire-rated design

Streamline Transfers
Terra's convenient tranfer window is ideal for pharmacies, offices or labs where users need a fast, easy way to pass materials and documents from one room through to another. Install this pass-through window portal in areas that do not require strict between-room environmental control, such as differential pressure, in order to streamline workflow and communication.

Terra’s pass-through swing door can be pulled/pushed open from either side. A door stop on the shelf side can be engaged to prevent opening the door toward the shelf, pushing items to the floor. When opened more than halfway, the swing door will stay open until manually pushed closed. Pressure-rated versions of the swing door maintain pressure differentials up to 0.5" WC, making them suitable for use between rooms with cascading room pressures.

The pass-through sliding door can also be opened from either side. It is mounted on spring-loaded rollers that smoothly glide in a polypropylene track. Springs keep the rollers engaged with the track, ensuring fluid door movement without derailment.

Half-inch-thick doors, supported by strong chrome-plated hardware, are made of either white, opaque polypropylene or clear tempered glass, allowing privacy or visibility into the room beyond.

Glass sliding door with white polypropylene frame and lipped shelf
No. 1702-82 Convenience Window with glass sliding door includes white polypropylene-lipped shelf

Frame and Shelves
The adjustable sturdy window frame is designed to accommodate standard walls up to 4" thick; frame can be customized to fit non-standard thicknesses. One side of the Pass-Through Convenience Window features a reinforced 12" D shelf where users can set samples, supplies or paperwork until a user on the opposing side is ready to receive them. It's also a handy writing surface.

The swing-door model is available with 304 stainless steel shelf and frame, while the sliding-door model comes with a white polypropylene frame, door tracks and lipped shelf, a feature that prevents small parts from rolling off onto the floor. Choose either glass or white polypropylene door for either door design; 0.50"-thick material for swing doors, and 0.75"-thick material for sliding doors.

Floor Models
Pass-Through Convenience Windows can also be installed in larger openings along the floor, using the swing-door option only, with either stainless steel or polypropylene frame (no shelf). The opening is framed on all four sides to create stability.

Fire-Rated Door
Ordering information...
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Fire-Rated Convenience Door
Terra’s self-closing door features a 2.56" (65 mm) -thick, uninsulated 304 stainless steel access panel (door) with a pull handle. Its one-inch exposed flange can be mounted on any typical wall material. These modules bear a UL- listed “B" label for 1.5 hours in walls (maximum temperature rise to 250°F (121°C) in 30 minutes).

Doors open from one side only, and come with stainless steel frame. Contact Terra to discuss your needs: phone, email, or on-line chat.

Model shown: 1993-82A.

Fire-Rated Door Testing Standards
  WH horizontal only
UBC 43-7
UL vertical UL 10 lb, horizontal
Ordering Information
For wall cut-out, add 0.5" to the nominal width and height of the selected chamber. Sliding door note: Wall space, equal to twice the width of the door, must be available to hold tracks in place. Tracks mounted on the wall adjacent to, and under/over, the Pass-Through Convenience Window.
Pass-Through Convenience Window with Swing Door
Window Dimensions
W" x H" (mm)
Window Clearance
W" x H" (mm)
Glass Swing Door* Polypropylene Swing Door*
Standard Pressure-Rated** Standard Pressure-Rated**
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
12 x 12
(305 x 305)
11 x 12
(279 x 305)
1702-70 Price 1704-70 Price 1702-91 Price 1704-91 Price
18 x 24
(457 x 610)
17 x 24
(432 x610)
1702-71 Price 1704-71 Price 1702-92 Price 1704-92 Price
24 x 24
(610 x 610)
23 x 24
(584 x 610)
1702-72 Price 1704-72 Price 1702-93 Price 1704-93 Price
24 x 36
(610 x 914)
23 x 36
(584 x 914)
1702-73 Price 1704-73 Price 1702-94 Price 1704-94 Price
Floor Mount
36 x 36
(914 x 914)
35 x 36
(889 x 914)
1702-74 Price 1704-74 Price 1702-95 Price 1704-95 Price
36 x 48
(914 x 1219)
35 x 48
(889 x 1219)
1702-75 Price 1704-75 Price 1702-96 Price 1704-96 Price
* Swing door comes with stainless steel frame and shelf; tempered glass or polypropylene door is 0.50" thick.
** Factory-tested and rated to maintain up to 0.5"WC of differential pressure between rooms.

Pass-Through Convenience Window with Sliding Door
Window Dimensions
W" x H"(mm)
Window Clearance
W" x H"
Glass Sliding Door** Polypropylene Sliding Door**
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
12 x 12
(305 x 305)
10.5 x 10
(267 x 254)
1702-80 Price 1703-30 Price
18 x 24
(457 x 610)
16.5 x 22
(419 x 559)
1702-81 Price 1703-31 Price
24 x 24
(610 x 610)
22.5 x 22
(572 x 559)
1702-82 Price 1703-32 Price
24 x 36
(610 x 914)
22.5 x 34
(572 x 864)
1702-83 Price 1703-33 Price
**Sliding door comes with white polypropylene frame, door tracks and shelf; sliding door (tempered glass or polypropylene) is 0.75" thick

Over-Sized Sliding Door Convenience Window

Sliding polycarbonate door in polypropylene frame/track
(No. 1703-36).
Rear view of sliding-door convenience window with
47" x 47" opening
This custom-designed, between-room Convenience Window was made for a 14.5”-thick wall; the window sill serves as a resting place for documents and small items being passed through to the other room. Its over-sized opening measures 47” x 47” (368 mm x 368 mm). The sliding door, made of transparent polycarbonate, rests inside a frame constructed of white polypropylene. Hardware is chrome.
Cat. # Price
1703-36 Price
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