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90°-Turn Smart Pass-Through
Custom Door Configurations

90° Turn Smart Pass-throughs provides additional versatility in pass-through placement Smart electronic door interlock is externally housed, creating smooth, easy-to-clean internal surfaces

The Smart Pass-Through chamber's automated electronic interlock allows versatile door configurations, including adjacent doors positioned at 90° angles (see illustrations below). The pass-through chamber can be designed with the isolated interlock on the inside or outside of the 90° bend, which changes the direction of the door-opening to suit the workspace.

Please speak with a Terra representative to discuss how the Smart Pass-through can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Compatibility with Other Smart Accessories: The 90°-Turn Smart Pass-through configuration can be combined with any other Smart Accessories as part of a custom order (call for quote).

Installation Note: Be sure to provide the Sales Engineer with as much information as possible regarding the installation location.  In some cases, the opposite side of a wall may be inaccessible and the pass-through must be divided into two sections in order to facilitate installation. The mounting brackets also may have to be adapted to allow insertion of the Smart Pass-through into the wall cut-outs.  A 90°-turn Smart Pass-through cannot utilize the CleanMount system found on the standard Smart Pass-through.  Fasteners will be required to mount the pass-through to the wall (likely in addition to support brackets).

Requires selection of a Terra Smart Pass-Through chamber and one of the designs listed below (see illustrations).

90°-Turn Smart Pass-Through Chambers
Style Cat. #
A 2635-94
B 2635-95
C 2635-96
D 2635-97
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