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Custom Fire-Rated Pass-Through Doors

Fire-Rated Door
Custom Pass-Throughs with
Fire-Rated Door
Type: Pass-Throughs with Fire-Rated door only
To reduce production costs and lead time, select one of the pre-engineered custom pass-throughs below, or a standard Terra Fire-Rated Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

Any other product customization, including changes to any of the models below, will entail supplemental modification charges.

Additional Pre-engineered Custom Pass-Through Types:

Pass Through Type:
  Stainless Steel Pass Throughs, Non-continuous Seams, Wall-Mount
  BioSafe® Stainless Steel Pass-Throughs, Continuous Seams, Wall Mount
  Floor-Mount Pass-Throughs (all materials)
  Plastic Pass-Throughs, Wall-Mount
  Pass-Throughs with Fire-Rated doors
Before you order,
  Consider Your Options!
    QuickQuote Planner Pre-Engineered Custom Designs
Part Number
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W" x D" x H"
Custom Features Notes Price Lead
Stainless Steel, Tack-Welded Seams
1992-09-40186 12 x 15 x 12
(305 x 381 x 305)
Solid SS Door(s); SDPVC Window(s); Mounting Brackets; Interlock, Mechanical (Std); 1 Solid SS Door, 1 Windowed Door; FIRE RATED Call TUI 3
BIOSAFE Pass Throughs
2636-10-46985revC 36 x 36 x 36
(914 x 914 x 914)
Safety-Glass Window(s); Acrylic Window(s); Sliding Doors; Mounting Brackets; Radiused corners; 1 FIRE RATED DOOR, 1 Acrylic Door Call TUI 3
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