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Fire-Rated Pass-Through Door

Fire-Rated Door
Minimizes foot traffic into a cleanroom or lab by allowing transfer of small items through a fire-rated wall
(No. 2641-20A).
fire rated door open
Testing Standards:
canada and us Ul logo
  • Fire-rated insulated access door carries the UL-B label for 90-minute fire exposure (max. temperature rise of 250 degrees F after 30 minutes)
  • 304 electropolished stainless steel construction is compatible with most critical environments, including labs and cleanrooms
  • Self-closing, self-latching door with internal latch release ensures compatibility with pass-throughs and fire requirements
  • Fire-rated side feature 1-inch mounting bracket with easy-clean, smooth stainless steel finish; order optional bracket for laboratory/cleanroom side

Available in six sizes, these Fire-Rated Convenience Doors allow access for passing items, including small items and paperwork, through wall openings into a lab or cleanroom, thereby reducing traffic in a critical space and eliminating the need for personnel to don proper cleanroom or lab attire.

Fabricated of 20-gauge 304 electropolished stainless steel, these doors are non-contaminating and stand up to most common cleaning and sterilizing agents. The fire-rated hatch door features a concealed hinge and 2" of fire-resistant fiber insulation. The door is mounted along the fire-rated wall, typically outside the classified space. A versatile mounting bracket is available to finish the wall cutout on the classified side of the wall (the cleanroom or laboratory) and accommodates wall thicknesses up to 4".

Fire-Rated Access Door
Nominal Door Size
W" x D" x H" (mm)
Wall Cutout
W" x H" (mm)
Cat. # Price
12 x 2.5 x 12
(305 x 64 x 305)
12.375 x 12.375
(314 x 314)
2641-20A $ 1,100
18 x 2.5 x 24
(457 x 64 x 610
18.375 x 24.375
(467 x 619)
2641-21A $ 1,348
24 x 2.5 x 24
(610 x 64 x 610)
24.375 x 24.375
(619 x 619)
2641-22A $ 1,597
24 x 2.5 x 48
(610 x 64 x 1219)
24.375 x 48.375
(619 x 1228)
2641-23A $ 1,703
36 x 2.5 x 36
(914 x 64 x 914)
36.375 x 36.375
(923 x 923)
2641-24A $ 1,818
36 x 2.5 x 48
(914 x 64 x 1219)
36.375 x 48.375
(923 x 1228)
2641-25A $ 1,872

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Fire-Rated Pass-Through Chamber
Fire-rated pass-through chambers from Terra are UL "B" fire-rated for 90-minute fire exposure (suitable for 2-hour wall rating). Watch this video to learn about more features and their advantages, including the self-closing door and rugged, high-use construction.
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