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Installing Flush-Mount Pass-Throughs

Flush-mount pass-throughs, including CleanMount CleanSeam and CleanMount BioSafe, can be installed and ready for operation in a few minutes once the wall cut-out is prepared. The unique integral bracket mounts the chamber flush against the cleanroom wall without the use of any external fasteners or the need for caulking. With no horizontal surfaces to collect dust, the chamber exterior helps maintain the most critical cleanroom requirements.

Refer to the Operating Manual for full installation details.

The process is straightforward, only requiring the parts you receive from Terra, two people and the following additional supplies:

  1. Phillips screwdrivers
  2. Level
  3. Caulk (in case of gaps due to wall imperfections)
  4. Racheting Wrench (9/16")
Follow these steps to install the Pass-Through Chamber:
  1. Prepare the wall cut-out so that it’s two inches (2") wider than the width and one inch (1") taller than the height of the pass-through chamber
  2. With a colleague, insert the pass-through chamber into the wall opening from the “clean” side. The welded mounting bracket will fit flush against the wall
  3. From the “dirty” side, frame the pass-through chamber with the opposing, non-welded mounting bracket, confirm that the chamber is level, and secure against the wall with supplied bolts
  4. Snap bracket covers into place and caulk if necessary. Add the Terra support bracket to the wall below the chamber for units that extend out from the wall by 24" or more. The installation is complete!
Step 1 Positioning the square clamp
step 2 Applying e-clamp screw to the square clamp
step 3 Brackets that cover the square clamps are snapped into place
See full installation details in this Pass-Through Chamber Operating Guide, Document 1800-07
The process typically takes less than 2-1/2 minutes. Watch this demonstration video.
hardware details   hardware details
Mounting bracket shown with pre-drilled hardware holes. Corner holes represent frame connections; screws may need loosening and subsequent tightening, during installation. Mid-way down the left- and right-side frames is a larger hole (or more than one, if the pass-through is large) where bolts are inserted and driven into the wall, anchoring the pass-through chamber.   Another view of the mounting bracket's corner connections and wall bolt going into the pre-welded nut on the front flush-mounted panel.

cutout Access Clearances
Width = W (nominal) – 1.88"
Depth = D (nominal)* – .12"
Height = H (nominal) – 1.25"
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