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High-Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers

Designed for easy transfer of carts and other large equipment
Features Key

A Touch panel controls feature emergency stop and door lock-down functionality
B Cleanroom-appropriate vinyl doors feature clear PVC viewing windows
C Bypass keyswitch disables the automated interlock, allowing both doors to open for maintenance
D Ramps accommodate carts
  Optional air curtain blasts particles off entering objects

Doors open and close in less than
4 seconds (see video)

Note: For equipment transfer only (not for personnel entry/exit)
  • Roll-up vinyl door design retracts completely into pass-through ceiling, eliminating clearance requirements
  • Flexible vinyl cloth door with soft leading edge reduces risk of injury or damage
  • Smooth, easy-clean, glass-covered touch control panel features emergency stop and lockdown features
  • Bi-directional motor and brake give smooth fluid door motion with accurate open and close positioning and brakes rapidly
  • Electronic interlock automatically engages to reducecross-contamination;  bypass key switch opens both doors to allow servicing
  • Photoelectric sensors stop door if cross-beam is broken

This pass-through is specially designed for rapid, frequent transfer of large equipment in and out of a controlled environment or cleanroom. Doors automatically open and close with the touch of a button, saving valuable time and effort in transporting full carts or other large equipment. This space-saving, time-saving, and effort-saving chamber also contributes to cleanroom cleanliness by reducing the exposure time to the non-cleanroom environment.

A Safe and Clean Option
The High Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through is contained in a white powder-coated steel housing that is easy to clean and disinfect. Motors, electronics, and mechanics are isolated outside the transfer chamber to minimize contamination risk. The doors, composed of a soft polyvinyl fabric with large viewing flexible clear PVC windows, roll up into the ceiling compartment.

Photoelectric optical sensors monitor for any objects moving through the chamber with an infrared crossbeam, immediately opening the door when the door path is obstructed. Disk brakes in each motor create instant stopping power. An electronic interlock system automatically prevents both doors from being opened at once, preventing accidental cross-contamination. A keyed Bypass feature disables the interlock for maintenance or cleaning.

Easy, Convenient Operation
This pass-through comes equipped with touch-activated, glass-covered control panels with clear labels. This interface eliminates the need to maneuver potentially awkward loads around a swinging door, improving accessibility. The unit will also open both doors automatically in the event of power loss. The High Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through is large enough to accommodate the bulkiest equipment; each entrance measures over five feet wide and seven feet high, with an even wider internal chamber. The vinyl doors roll up completely into the ceiling, eliminating overhead clearance issues.

Ordering Information

Please note the following:

  • Included floor ramps
  • Includes mounting brackets (Requires ¼" clearance between wall cutout and pass-through)
  • Constructed of powder-coated white steel (stainless steel available)

Sensors are located at the bottom inside edges of each door. Optional air curtain attachment blows particles off personnel and equipment entering the pass-through to aid in maintaining cleanroom standards.
High-Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through *
Outside Dimensions
W x D x H in inches (mm)
Door Clearance
W x D x H in inches (mm)
Cat. # Price
82.25"W x 107.67"D x 107.11"H
(2089 mm x 2735 mm x 2720 mm)
62.75”W x 83.00”H
(1594 mm x 2108 mm)
6771-00 $ 43,586
* Optional air curtain attachment available on order
For more detailed information on roll-up doors and pass-through chambers, visit the Roll-Up Door Pass-Through and Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors pages.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) High-Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through: Doc. # 1788-29
This manual provides installation and operating instructions for Terra Universal's High-Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through.
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