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High-Capacity Pass-Through Refrigerator
With Interlocking Doors

storage cabinet

Temperature-controlled pass-through refrigerator with interlocking access doors (Model No. 1994-32).

  • Self-closing, double doors; 58-cubic-foot capacity
  • Electromagnetic interlocks preventdoors on opposing sides from opening simultaneously; reduces temperature loss and contamination
  • Ideal for USP cleanrooms or labs
  • ADA-compliant door handles
  • Liquid-tight drawers, on fully extendable slides, contain spills to localize clean-up
  • Digital interface for programming, monitoring, logging and setting alarms
  • Uniform temperature (+/- 1°C) with digital calibration
  • Reduced internal condensation using proprietary design; evaporation tray in base
  • Warranty: 7-years compressor, 2-years parts, 1-year labor
storage cabinet
Model No. 1994-33

Pass-through chambers streamline workflow by acting as a short-cut for transferring temperature-sensitive samples or materials between rooms of different cleanliness ratings. By having a refrigerated chamber, gone are the days of donning a bunny suit and packing materials in an ice chest to transport items. The High-Capacity Pass-Through Refrigerator from Terra is designed for cleanrooms or controlled labs such as those found in USP-regulated compounding pharmacies. 

Forced air helps maintain temperature uniformity and achieve fast recovery times after doors are opened. Drawer and shelf design also contribute to climate consistency; two-way drawers have a mid-stop point to keep them properly positioned, while adjustable wire shelves present a minimal barrier to air flow. With insulated walls and double-paned glass doors, programmed temperature is maintained to within +/- 1°C.  Users enter the desired temperature (ranging from 2°C-10°C [25.6°F-50°F]) by using the seven-inch color touchscreen.

storage cabinet
Seven-inch-wide color touch-screen monitor with icon-based software. When refrigerator is installed, controller is located on the "dirty" side of the wall.
Electromagnetic Interlock ensures that both doors don't open at the same time, preventing cross-contamination of the
cleanroom or lab.
The eye-level touchscreen controller is located on the "dirty" side of the cleanroom for convenient visibility and access. Software is icon-based for fast operation. Features of the system help labs with quality control and auditing requirements:


  • Temperature controlled by microprocessor and sensors
  • Password-protected
  • Event log with corrective action taken (QC and audits)
  • Adjustable sound and visual indicators
  • Interactive temperature grap
  • Home-screen customization
  • High/low temp alarms
  • "Door ajar" alarm
  • "Power failure" alarm
  • Displays date and time
  • LED lights auto-on or on/off
  • USB ports
  • Rechargeable 20-hour battery back-up
Speak with a Terra Product Specialist for more details about the controller features.
Refrigerated Pass Through
Capacity Outside Dimensions (mm) Inside Dimensions (mm) Cat. # Price
58 cu. ft. 59.25"W x 36"D x 80"H
(1505 x 914 x 2032)
55"W x 32"D x 58.25"H
(1397 x 813 x 1480)
1994-32 Price


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