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Load Presence Sensor
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

Waiting for your colleagues to load material or samples into the pass-through chamber? Prevent interruptions in your work flow by having to repeatedly check the chamber; the Load Presence Sensor sends an alert when objects have been placed inside.

Activated by an adjustable infrared (IR) module inside the chamber, this device activates visible and audible status alerts when objects inside interfere with the beams.

The IR cross-beams are one inch above the chamber floor. A "Ready to Unload" message on the Smart Pass-Through Message Panel (order separately) is initiated, and a chime sounds. Materials for which you've been waiting are ready to access and unload!

Requires selection of Terra's Smart Pass-Through chamber.

Cat. # Price
2635-90 $ 1,369
IR beams, above the chamber surface, cross from each corner to detect objects within the pass-through chamber (No. 2635-90).
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