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LCD Message Panel
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

The LCD Message Panel is programmed to display critical information related to the interior of the Smart Pass-through.  The panel can be mounted on either side of the Smart Pass-through, allowing operators on either side to periodically record environmental data and monitor the performance of the pass-through.

Available functions include:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Relative humidity measurement
  • Air speed readings (for use with blower-equipped Smart Pass-throughs)
  • Integration with Load Presence Sensor
  • System readiness (interlock status to supplement LED light bar)

By integrating an air speed sensor with the electronic message panel, personnel can monitor the air velocity at an exhaust flange (if equipped).  The air speed sensor can also be useful for Smart Pass-throughs that feature the Recirculating HEPA Filtration system or the ULPA-Filtered Air Shower.

Additional messages can be programmed to provide maintenance alerts (such as filter replacement), and access error conditions (for use with Access Control accessories).

For more information regarding programming options, speak with a Terra Product Specialist for details.

Compatibility with Other Smart Accessories: The LCD Message Panel can be combined with any other Smart Accessories (some customization may be required).

Installation Note: If the Air Speed Sensor is installed within an exhaust flange (as shown on the right), the flange will have to be detached before inserting the pass-through into the wall.  Care should be exercised with any additional wiring/cord-grips emerging from the body of the pass-through (removal and reinstallation may be required).

Requires selection of Terra's Smart Pass-Through chamber.

Description Cat. # Price
Message Panel 2635-91 $ 593
Air Speed Sensor 2635-57 $ 663
Smart Pass-Through Chamber status messages are clearly displayed on the
LCD panel (No. 2635-91).
Flange installed on top of Smart Pass-Through; air velocity sensor (No. 2635-57) integrates with message panel.
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