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Pass-Through Hardware

Door Stop for CleanMount™ Double-Wall ChambersGrounding Terminals

Limits swing of pass-through door to prevent damage to wall, door latch and other components. Factory set to stop door at 90 degrees open; adjustable to accommodate other positions. For CleanMount double-wall chambers only. 316L stainless steel bracket mounts to standard CleanMount hinges (can be field retrofitted); select one left hinge and one right hinge (Smart Pass-Throughs use two left hinges)..

  Cat. # Price
Left Hinge
6705-98 $ 229
Right Hinge
6705-99 $ 229

Grounding Terminals

Grounding Terminals

Installed on the clean room side of the pass-through, grounding terminals reduce electromagnetic interference for stainless steel and static-dissipative PVC chambers. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is harmful for materials in industries such as semiconductor and pharmaceuticals.

  Cat. # Price
Grounding Terminals 1686-12 $ 92
Chamber Grounding 1600-59A $ 117
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