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pass-through quickquote


Pass-Through Chamber/Airlock QuickQuote Configurator

Makes it easy to specify a pass-through for your requirements and request a quotation online.

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Cleanroom Pass-Through Features and Selection Guide
Orientation to Terra Pass-through construction and accessories.

Cleanroom Pass-Through Operational Benefits
Twelve ways Terra Pass-Throughs can help overcome your operational challenges.

Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber
Operation and features of the roll-up door pass-throughs, which are ideal for moving carts and other large equipment into the cleanroom.

BioSafe® Pass-Throughs
The optimal pass-through chamber for aseptic operations

Fire-Rated Pass-Throughs
UL "B" fire-rated for 90-minute fire exposure (suitable for 2-hour wall rating)

Air Showers
Units that are fully equipped and protected to allow large numbers of personnel to pass into controlled areas without sacrificing convenience for cleanliness.

pre-engineered pass-through


Easy Installation of Flush-Mount Pass-Throughs

Fast and simple installation of Terra's flush-mount pass-through chambers is summarized in a few simple steps. Frames are flush against the wall, eliminating crevices where contaminants can hide.

standard-mount pass-through


Easy Installation of Standard-Mount Pass-Throughs

Fast and easy installation of Terra's standard pass-through chambers is summarized in a few simple steps. It's easy to get started transferring materials between rooms.

standard-mount pass-through


Installing Fire-Rated and Ruggedized Pass-Throughs

Fire-Rated and Ruggedized wall-mount pass-throughs can be installed and ready for operation in a few minutes once the wall cut-out is prepared.

pre-engineered pass-through


Pre-engineered Pass-Through Chambers

Can’t find the chamber/airlock for your requirements? Selecting a pre-engineered model can save both time and money. This link takes you to dozens of passthroughs in many materials and sizes.


Chemical Compatibility Charts

A general guide for various materials and chemicals.
  Metals   Plastics   Rubber and Synthetics
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