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Access Security and Datalogging Modules
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

This web-based system allows remote monitor/control capabilities over all user-access data generated by the interface modules below: Keyless Door Entry Panel, Fingerprint Reader, Iris Scanner or Keycard Reader. Its scalable architecture accommodates growing requirements, and the intuitive interface makes it easy to add users, run reports, even expand operation to cover new pass-throughs or other controlled enclosures.

The module, installed inside a Smart Pass-Through chamber, connects to the input devices and your Internet router for wireless monitoring and control of system functions: Monitoring (alarms, events, doors), Reporting (by event, security input type, or personnel), Web Users, Cards (input module types), Time Setup, and Access Levels. See range of solutions below.

All modules require selection of a Smart Pass-Through chamber.

Cat. # Price
2635-83 $ 1,922
Access System event log report
(No. 2635-83)

ProxPad Keyless Door Entry Panel

Mounted on the Smart Pass-Through Control Panel, this unit combines a proximity card and PIN reader for enhanced security: program your unit to require either one or both methods of ID verification. This reader accommodates all HID proximity cards from 26-40 bit. Dimensions: 2.75"W x 1.375"D x 5.25"H.

Cat. # Price
2635-81 $ 688
Keyless Door Entry Panel
(No. 2635-81)

Fingerprint Reader

Sleek and slim, this access-control device, mounted to the control panel of the Smart Pass-Through, unlocks automatic electronic interlock only when an authorized fingerprint scan is detected. Its uses 4G technology and a 500 dpi optical sensor to guarantee fast, reliable biometric security with an extensive data storage system: up to 100,000 transactions and 5,000 1:N identification templates directly on the device (25,000 in 1:1 with included card reader). Dimensions: 2"W x 2"D x 6.7"H.

Cat. # Price
2635-82 $ 989
Fingerprint Reader (No. 2635-82)

Iris Scanner

This fully automated system provides a simple, non-intrusive, non-contact user interface that allows hands-free operation, in compliance with cleanroom protocol. ISO/ANSI compliant for iris and face images, it incorporates a megapixel camera with flash to make positive ID verification. A holographic targeting aid with voice prompts helps ensure scanning speed and ID accuracy, and a 4.3" color touch screen LCD simplifies programming user profiles. An on-screen PIN keypad provides an alternative access mechanism.

Cat. # Price
2635-84 $ 3,403
Hands-free Iris Scanner
(No. 2635-84)

Keycard Reader

This compact unit reads HID cards with formats up to 85 bits.  The reader features a beeper and multicolor LED to confirm positive identification. Typical maximum read-range is 2.5" for most ISOProx and DUOProx cards; it also accommodates ProxCard II, Proximity and MIFARE cards and MicroProx tags. Dimensions: 3.14" x 1.72" x 0.66".

Cat. # Price
2635-85 $ 199
Keycard Reader (No. 2635-85)
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