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Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber—Single Wall

Service Alerts Ensure Proper Pass-Through Operation

First-of-its-kind Smart Pass-Through monitors “blind-side” conditions (door left ajar or parts ready to unload), issues service alerts, and activates pass-through accessories, such as Air Shower, UV Sanitizing Module or Ventilation System. Interlock is confined in a recessed compartment for easy cleaning.
Unique one-piece design includes seamless, flush-mount bracket and interlock
Features Key cleanliness high

A Electronic interlock confined in a recessed compartment outside the transfer chamber for easy cleaning
B Smart Control Module provides service alerts
C Mounts to any wall thicker than 2" without special hardware—installs in under three minutes!
D Integral clean-side bracket seals flush to wall without fasteners or caulking
E Unique single-wall design features 12 rounded corners with no cracks; ideal for strict cleaning protocol
F Electropolished 304/316 chamber and hardware eliminate surface contaminants and irregularities
G Stainless steel-reinforced, double-wall static-dissipative PVC viewing windows
H Lift-Latch™ eliminates twisting motion and internal contamination of rotary-style latches
I One-piece, heat-formed, non-adhesive gaskets won’t creep or outgas
seamless interior
samrt pass-thorugh with status indicator
Electronic interlock is confined outside the transfer chamber, leaving seamless, easy-clean interior surfaces with no cracks or seams that can harbor germs and other contaminants. Smart alert glows to indicate doors are closed; flashes to indicate door ajar and interlock active.
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Service Alerts are wirelessly transmitted to remote plug-in chimes (remote data logging also available)
Smart Control Module: Guarantees Adherence with Operational Protocol
An interlocked pass-through is designed to prevent cross-contamination of a classified space. In many situations, though, real-world circumstances thwart intended operation, and may lead to pass-through malfunction or damage:

“Hello? Anyone there?”—Unless operators have a talk-through, electronic intercom or other device, they have trouble alerting a colleague on the other side of the wall to unload the chamber.

“If it won’t open, force it!”—a door left ajar locks out the opposing side, frustrating an operator’s attempt to transfer materials. Worse, an operator may mistake an interlocked door for a jammed one—and pull till it breaks!

“Power-cord spaghetti”—Terra Pass-Throughs are available with several electronic conditioning accessories to enhance operation:

Micro-filtered air showers that blow off contaminants
UV sanitizing modules that deliver neutralizing UV-C doses to microorganisms on biological samples
Ventilation modules that remove chemical vapors from items introduced into the chamber

Without a centralized power distribution unit, managing connection and operation of such modules becomes a challenge.

pass-through pass-through
Power supply module (on top of "dirty"-side of chamber) simplifies integration of additional powered options, such as UV-C light or air shower. Optional Recessed LED Light illuminates chamber during parts transfer.

Terra’s unique Smart Control Module overcomes these challenges and ensures that the pass-through is operating as intended. Its dual-side plug-in Service Alerts receive wireless signals and issue warning chimes—momentary to signal sample loading, continuous to signal a door ajar. These signals can be logged to provide a traceable history of pass-through operation.

It also provides a central point of power connection for accessories and triggers operation cycles. Dual timers allow selectable activation delays, door open delays, and cycle duration. See below for additional features.

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Smart Pass-Through Features
Standard Features
  • Electronic interlock confined in a recessed 6"H x 1.25"D compartment
  • 120 or 220VAC power integration of all included options, via power control unit mounted external to transfer chamber for easy cleaning
  • Door Status Alerts: Indicator light issues a solid glow when doors are closed (ready for operation) or flashes when either door is open (interlock active)
  • Door Ajar Alert: Indicator light flashes at increased frequency when either door remains open longer than 30 seconds (delay time adjustable)
  • Plug-In Chimes: receive wireless signals for remote audible door alerts up to 200 feet from chamber (2 units included)
Optional Features
samrt pass-through

Automatic Door—for Hands-Free Operation
Ideal for pharmacy and medical applications, this door is activated by a touchless sensor pad to minimize contamination during sample transfer. Its quiet, low-energy, ADA-compliant electromechanical actuator is installed entirely outside the transfer chamber to simplify cleaning and prevent particle influx. Tested for over a million operations. Typical installation is on “clean” side. See operation video above!

Cat. # Price
2635-60 $ 2,750
  Cat. # Price
UV-C Sanitizing Module
Provides a 254nm UV radiation cycle to kill or neutralize bacteria, viruses and mold spores within the transfer chamber exposure area (line of sight). Digital controls allow program/display of UV cycle duration. Interlocks are automatically activated during UV cycles; status indicator lights flash and audible alerts chime to indicate door lock-out.
2635-50 $ 1,432
Stainless Steel ULPA-Filtered Air Shower
Directs streams of high-velocity, ULPA-filtered air through the pass-through to dislodge contaminants from material surfaces. Standard configuration: air shower is activated when the “dirty-side” door closes; particles are trapped in exit filter on “dirty”-side vent. Interlocks are automatically activated during UV cycles; status indicator lights flash and audible alerts chime to indicate door lock-out. Includes on/off control and cycle adjustment switch.
2635-55 $ 2,168
Ventilation System
Removes solvents and other hazardous vapors from materials while they are in the Smart Pass-Through. System includes a 6" diameter x 3" H exhaust flange (152mm x 76mm) and an inlet port for make-up air, equipped with a 99.999% efficient ULPA filter. Requires connection to in-house exhaust system.
2635-57 $ 663
Plug-In Alert Chimes
Respond to wireless signals from the Smart Pass-Through digital interlock located up to 200 feet away. Plug into standard 120VAC wall outlet to issue an alert chime any time a door is opened or the interlock is active. (Two units included standard with the Smart Pass-Through.)
2635-58 $ 148
Additional Smart Pass-Through Capabilities
The digital pass-through interlock accommodates a wide range of additional features. Call to discuss your application!
Remote data logging of all access data: user, time, duration, product(s) scanned for entry or removal (requires Bar Code Scanner and/or Biometric Scanner, see below); includes output for integration into centralized Building Management System

Bar code scanner: records data from user badge and/or product bar codes

Biometric scanner (iris or fingerprint reader) activates or releases door locks; can be integrated with data logger for traceable user access

Recessed LED lighting of transfer chamber (ON when door open)

Data logging/documentation of user access and objects transferred (with bar code system)

  Refrigeration module: integration/control of refrigeration unit that maintains 5 degrees C (custom insulated chamber recommended)

Remote wireless control of door locks prevents unauthorized access

Pushbutton Intercom for through-wall communication: pushbutton or touchless keypad activation.

Load presence sensor transmits alert to unload chamber

Indicator panel displays status alerts, operational messages and environmental data

Access Clearances


Access Clearances
Width = W (nominal) – 1.88"
Depth = D (nominal)* – .12"
Height = H (nominal) – 1.25"


Smart Pass-Through - Single-Wall Design (1)
Chamber Inside Dimensions
W" x D" x H" (mm)
Add 2" to width and 1" to height for cut-out
Electropolished 304 SS*
Electropolished 316 SS*

Cat. # Price Cat. # Price


12 x 12 x 12 (305 x 305 x 305) 2635-05-2 Call TUI 2635-05-2-316 Call TUI
12 x 12 x 24 (305 x 305 x 610) 2635-06-2 Call TUI 2635-06-2-316 Call TUI
18 x 18 x 16 (457 x 457 x 406) 2635-07-2 Call TUI 2635-07-2-316 Call TUI
18 x 18 x 24 (457 x 457 x 610) 2635-08-2 Call TUI 2635-08-2-316 Call TUI
24 x 24 x 16 (610 x 610 x 406) 2635-09-2 Call TUI 2635-09-2-316 Call TUI
24 x 24 x 24 (610 x 610 x 610) 2635-10-2 Call TUI 2635-10-2-316 Call TUI
24 x 36 x 24 (610 x 914 x 610) 2635-11-2 Call TUI 2635-11-2-316 Call TUI
36 x 36 x 24 (914 x 914 x 610) 2635-12-2 Call TUI 2635-12-2-316 Call TUI
24 x 24 x 36 (610 x 610 x 914) 2635-13-2 Call TUI 2635-13-2-316 Call TUI
24 x 24 x 48 (610 x 610 x 1219) 2635-14-2 Call TUI 2635-14-2-316 Call TUI
36 x 36 x 36 (914 x 914 x 914) 2635-15-2 Call TUI 2635-15-2-316 Call TUI
36 x 36 x 48 (914 x 914 x 1219) 2635-16-2 Call TUI 2635-16-2-316 Call TUI
Floor (2) 24 x 24 x 36 (610 x 610 x 914) 2635-17-2 Call TUI 2635-17-2-316 Call TUI
36 x 36 x 36 (914 x 914 x 914) 2635-18-2 Call TUI 2635-18-2-316 Call TUI
36 x 36 x 48 (914 x 914 x 1219) 2635-19-2 Call TUI 2635-19-2-316 Call TUI
* Windows are static-dissipative PVC.
(1) All feature an electronic interlock mounted in a compartment outside the transfer chamber for optimal cleanliness.
(2) Floor Mount models include low-profile access ramps for easy transport of carts (subtract 1" (25 mm) from internal vertical clearance to compensate for ramps).

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