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ULPA-Filtered Air Shower
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

The ULPA-Filtered Air Shower housing is mounted on the "dirty"-side of the Smart Pass-through.
(No. 2635-55)
The optional ULPA-Filtered Exhaust Port covers the exit on the side of the Smart Pass-through.
(No. 1993-59)

The ULPA-Filtered Air Shower emits a stream of high-velocity, ultra-clean air from the ceiling of the Smart Pass-through that dislodges surface-deposited particles. The high-velocity blower is installed on top of the Smart Pass-through where it emerges from the wall. The air shower is activated when the “dirty-side” chamber door closes.  Air exits through a side-exhaust hole near the bottom of the chamber, which is covered by a MERV filter designed to trap particles as the air exits.

  • Standard configuration includes one 99.999% efficient ULPA filter, status lights, a brushless DC clean-operating fan, and a cycle timer. 
  • Integrates with the Smart Pass-through's electronic door interlocks, automatically engaging during air shower cycles
  • Status indicator lights flash, LED signals red, and dual-side audible alerts chime to indicate door lock-out (interlock engaged).
  • Default air shower cycle operates for 30 seconds after the door closes (cycle time is adjustable).

The optional ULPA-Filtered Exhaust Port ensures that only filtered air is released into the external environment.  The ULPA filter also prevents unclassified air from entering the transfer chamber when the air shower is not in operation.

Compatibility with Other Smart Accessories:
  • The ULPA-Filtered Air Shower cannot be combined with the Smart Refrigeration Module or the Recirculating HEPA Filtration design.
  • Integration with a Center-Mount Smart Pass-Through will require customization to adjust for different wall thicknesses.
  • All other Smart Accessories are compatible (some customization may be required)

Installation Note: When installing a Smart Pass-through equipped with the ULPA-Filtered Air Shower, the blower housing (and exhaust port, if applicable) must be detached prior to inserting the pass-through into the wall.

Requires selection of Terra's Smart Pass-Through chamber.

  Cat. # Price
ULPA Filter Air Shower 2635-55 $ 2,168
Exit ULPA Filter Module 1993-59 $ 339
Replacement ULPA Filter 3333-35 $ 235
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