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ULPA-Filtered Air Shower
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

 ULPA-Filtered air shower,
No. 2635-55.
smart pass-through

A stream of high-velocity, ULPA-filtered air is forced through the Smart Pass-Through chamber to dislodge contaminants from material surfaces. Standard configuration includes one 99.999% efficient ULPA filter, status lights, a brushless DC clean-operating fan, and a cycle timer.

The air shower is activated when the “dirty-side” chamber door closes, and air exits through a hole on the bottom of the chamber. A MERV filter traps particles on the “dirty”-side vent. Door interlocks are automatically activated during air shower cycles; status indicator lights flash and audible alerts chime to indicate door lock-out. The air shower remains in operation for 30 seconds after the door closes (time delay is adjustable).

Air showers are installed on top of Smart Pass-Throughs 18"D (457 mm) or larger. An ON/OFF status light and door sensor switch is also included for connection to the "dirty" side opening.

An optional ULPA exit filter is available for exhaust release into a classified space.

Requires selection of Terra's Smart Pass-Through chamber.

  Cat. # Price
ULPA Filter Air Shower 2635-55 $ 1,892
Exit ULPA Filter Module 1993-59 $ 296
Replacement ULPA Filter 3333-35 $ 200
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