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UV-C Sanitizing Module
For use with Smart Pass-Through™ Chamber

smart pass-through uv sanitizing module smart pass-through uv sanitizing module
UV-C Sanitizing Module mounted in the
ceiling of a Smart Pass-through
(off-center to accommodate vent).
Disinfection cycle is controlled by the built-in timer on the"dirty"-side of the Smart Pass-throughl. LED status light glows red to signal interlock engaged (one door open), green to signal both doors closed.

The UV-C Sanitizing Module provides a 254 nm Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation cycle to neutralize bacteria, viruses and mold spores within line-of-sight of the light fixture. After placing materials within the Smart Pass-through, the operator sets a timer that determines the duration of the UV-C exposure cycle. The typical "kill rate" for common microbes is 99+% after a two-minute cycle, but users can choose the optimal cycle duration for their application. The UV-C cycle can also be used for periodic disinfecting of the chamber interior, without any materials being transferred.

If a pass-through door is opened during the UV cycle, a safety switch automatically shuts off the UV light to protect the users of the pass-through. The cycle will resume once the pass-through doors are closed.

  • Flush-mounted quartz glass separates the UV light fixture from the chamber, providing a smooth, easy-to-clean surface without impeding UV-C light transmission. 
  • 316L stainless steel surface reflects UV light within the chamber, improving its effectiveness. 
  • UV light fixture can be accessed through a service panel on the outside of the pass-through, allowing for convenient bulb replacement without breaching the chamber or cleanroom.

Compatibility with Other Smart Accessories: The UV Sanitizing Module can be combined with any other Smart Pass-through accessories (some customization may be required).

The UV-C Sanitizing Module is typically mounted in the ceiling of the Smart Pass-through for optimal coverage of the chamber floor. If the Smart Pass-through is equipped with a refrigeration unit or recirculating HEPA filtration, the UV-C light module will have to be side-mounted within the wall of the chamber. This alternative mounting configuration may impact the ability of the UV-C light to sanitize indirectly exposed surfaces. Operators should extend their cycle times to allow enough UV light to reflect within the chamber and properly disinfect all exposed surfaces.

Installation Note: Equipping a standard Smart Pass-through with a UV-C Sanitizing Module will increase the height of the pass-through by approximately 2.5".  This will have an impact on the size of the wall cut-out needed for installation. Terra recommends carefully measuring the pass-through to verify the final dimensions before making the wall cut-out.

When side-mounted, the UV-C Sanitizing Module does not affect the dimensions of the Smart Pass-through or the wall cut-out.

Requires selection of Terra's Smart Pass-Through chamber.

More information on UV-C sanitation (PDF)

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