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Ventilation System


Pass-through with flange and
inlet ULPA filter installed
(Nos. 6705-23 and 6705-24).


Designed for stainless steel pass-throughs, this system removes solvents and other hazardous vapors from materials while they are in the pass-through. The system's flange and filter components must be ordered together with the pass-through. 

The stainless steel exhaust flange (6" diameter x 3" H; 152 mm x 76 mm) connects to the in-house exhaust system. If no ULPA filter is ordered, an inlet fiberglass filter will be provided.

System is available with these options (order separately):

  • ULPA-filter in stainless-steel housing for particle-free make-up air 
  • Ventilation air-speed sensor: measures speed of the ventilation flow as it passes into the exhaust flange
  • Electronic message panel (requires a Smart Pass-Through™ chamber) that works with the air-speed sensor, displaying the exhaust speed

Prices include installation in the selected pass-through chamber. 

Stainless Steel Flange Cat. # Price
6"-diameter x 3" (152 x 76 mm)
connects to in-house ventilation system
6705-23 $ 323
Air Speed Sensor Cat. # Price
Measures speed of exhausted air flow (requires Smart Pass-Through) 2635-57 $ 663
Inlet ULPA filter Cat. # Price
Removes particles from make-up air.
Includes 99.999% efficient ULPA filter and filter housing, installed to side of pass-through
6705-24 $ 339
Replacement ULPA Filter 3333-35 $ 235
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