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Roll-Up Doors and Windows

  • Design requires no clearance, thus optimizing cleanroom floor space
  • Oversized ergonomic push buttons are easy to operate, even by gloved personnel
  • Bi-directional motor and disk brake ensure smooth, accurate door motion and full braking power in the event of a power failure
  • Electronic key-switch interlock prevents cross-contamination
  • Safety circuit stops door motion if path is obstructed

Terra Universal's Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors make it easy to transport carts and large equipment into and out of a facility. They are space-saving, with doors that automatically roll up and down at the push of a control-pad button. Personnel can move carts and large equipment into and out of a facility without manually holding the door open.

The design versatility of the Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors complements your applications and allows mounting on either the floor or in a wall; install in Terra Modular Cleanrooms or most conventional walls. There are no door clearance requirements, so you can install these doors in even the most space-restrictive areas without compromising valuable room space.

Clean, Safe, and Secure
Constructed of cleanroom-compatible powder-coated double-walled insulated aluminum, Terra Universal’s Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors slide up and down a track and roll into a stainless steel housing located at the top of the unit. If an object hits a door’s bottom, pressure-sensitivity safety circuits automatically stop door motion and return it to the fully open position. The Cleanroom Roll-Up Doors also allow convenient automated parts transfer via a conveyor belt.

Price includes stainless steel frame that is easy to install in a framed wall.

Rool-up door
Floor-mounted cleanroom Roll-Up Door
shown (Cat. No. 1999-01).
Rool-up door 
Wall-mount roll-up door with 6-inch shelf
(Cat. no. 1999-10).

High-speed, full-size cleanroom roll-up doors available.
Roll-Up Door, Floor Mount


Voltage Uninstalled
Cat. # Price

31"W x 63"H
(787 x 1600)

110 1999-01 Price
220 1999-01-220 Price
52.75"W x 66.75"H
(1340 x 1695)
110 1999-02 Price
220 1999-02-220 Price
69"W x 72.5"H
(1753 x 1842)
110 1999-03 Price
220 1999-03-220 Price
Roll-Up Doors, Wall-Mount
29.5"W x 42"H
(749 x 1067)
110 1999-00 Price
220 1999-00-220 Price
29.5"W x 42"H x 6"D
(749 x 1067 x 152)
110 1999-10 Price
220 1999-10-220 Price


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