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Cleanroom Security Storage Cabinets

Wafer Box Security Cabinets
  • The perfect cabinets for secure work-in-process (WIP) storage inside a cleanroom
  • Electropolished 304 stainless steel construction ensures clean, durable surfaces that wipe down easily
  • Wire cage accommodates cleanroom laminar air-flow
  • Locking doors keep your materials secure!

Terra Universal's wire cage Cleanroom Security Storage Cabinets keep your valuable materials (such as wafer lot boxes) secure, clean, and visible inside the lab.

Built to the most stringent cleanroom standards, these enclosures are designed to optimize the vertical laminar flow of particle-free air through the storage area. They are fabricated of .25" (6 mm) rods on 2" (51 mm) centers, and electropolishing ensures ultra-smooth surfaces that won't snag wipers or harbor contaminants.

The models below feature five slanted shelves, each with 12" (305 mm) of vertical clearance to accommodate a variety of materials, including most common wafer lot boxes (for wafer sizes up to 200mm). Other shelf configurations are available for other parts sizes, including 300mm wafer boxes—just call with your specifications!

Cleanroom Security Storage Cabinets
W" x D" x H" (mm)
Wafer Box Capacity* Cat. # Price
150mm 200mm
36 x 18 x 76
(914 x 457 x 1930)
30 15 6012-67 Price
36 x 24 x 76
(914 x 610 x 1930)
30 30 6012-68 Price
49.75 x 18.375 x 76
(1264 x 467 x 1930)
50 20 6012-69 Price
48 x 24 x 76
(1219 x 610 x 1930)
50 40 6012-71 Price
* Based on Empak lot boxes # H3150 (150mm) and HA200 (200mm).
* * Height includes 10" (254 mm) stand.
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