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PureFlow™ Laminar Flow Transport Cart

#1529-64A shown with optional self-recharging Power Pack 
  • Maintains a Class 10/ISO 4 environment to protect sensitive works-in-process during transit
  • A versatile alternative to vacuum sealing, conveyor transport, and other transfer methods
  • Onboard rechargeable power cell ensures uninterrupted fan/filter unit operation for up to 90 minutes
  • Ergonomic designs are easy to maneuver through standard doorways, hallways
  • Heavy-duty, cushioned casters ensure smooth, safe rolling over industrial floors
  • PowerAlert! feature provides visible and audible reminder to reconnect AC power cord for recharging
  • Configurations for every requirement
PureFlow Laminar Flow Storage Cart — Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel
(order fan/filter unit and power cell separately)
Shelves Door
W" x H"
Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel
Qty. Size
W" x D"
110VAC/60Hz 220VAC/50Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
48 x 24
(1219 x 610)
20.75 x 13
(527 x 330)
6 1529-64A Price 1529-64A-220 Price
5 48 x 24
(1219 x 610)
20.75 x 7.8
(527 x 198)
10 1529-66A Price 1529-66A-220 Price
3 48 x 24
(1219 x 610)
20.75 x 39
(527 x 991)
2 1529-68 Price 1529-68-220 Price
Several standard door configurations

The PureFlow Laminar Flow Transport Cart provides a safe, economical, contamination-free way to transfer materials throughout a manufacturing facility.

A Mini-Cleanroom on Wheels!
The system's fan/filter unit (FFU) ensures cleanroom conditions inside the storage area. Select fan/filter unit with HEPA filter (rated 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 µm particles) or ULPA filter (rated 99.999% efficient @ 0.12 µm particles).

Once connected to a power source, the system provides a continuous vertical laminar flow of filtered air through the clean storage area to ensure product integrity. 304 stainless steel wire shelves ensure an uninterrupted laminar flow through the cabinet. Any particles that enter the system when a door is opened are quickly purged through the bottom shelf.

Standard systems are available in several door and shelf configurations, in electropolished 304 stainless steel. Additionally, Terra offers a variety of applications-specific models made of acrylic, polypropylene, and other polymers to meet special requirements. Heavy-duty, nonshedding 6" (152 mm) casters provide smooth rolling over rough surfaces to safeguard delicate parts. Polyurethane bumpers protect the entire perimeter of the cabinet.

Onboard Power Cell: Clean, Cordless Operation!
When you select the optional self-recharging power cell, you maintain cleanroom conditions inside the PureFlow for up to 90 minutes without AC power.

This uninterrupted FFU operation keeps stored parts clean as you transport them across a facility. Flashing lights and an audible alarm remind you that the system is operating under battery power. Two power cell options are available; refer to order chart for more information.

Fan/Filter Units
Avg. CFM
Power With
HEPA Filter
ULPA Filter
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
48 x 24
(1219 x 610)
120VAC, 50/60Hz
220VAC, 50Hz
6601-24-H $ 677 6601-24-U $ 787
6601-24-H-220 $ 787 6601-24-U-220 $ 898


IonBar™ IonBar  with Installation Kit*
inches (mm)
    110VAC 220VAC
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
11 (279) with 2 emitters 2005-05A Price
22 (559) with 4 emitters 2005-06A Price 2005-47 Price 2005-47-220 Price
33 (838) with 6 emitters 2005-16A Price 2005-48 Price 2005-48-220 Price
44 (1118) with 8 emitters 2005-07A Price 2005-49 Price 2005-49-220 Price

*Includes ionizing bar, power supply, and installation kit; Ionizing kit and FFU must be ordered together.

Specifications (see ordering chart for additional specifications)
Construction: All-welded 2" (51 mm)-square 304 stainless steel frame tubing; 304 stainless steel panels (electropolishing available); static-dissipative PVC viewing windows. Locking LiftLatches™ are chrome plated
Blowers: 3-speed, 1/5 HP continuous-duty impeller blower (see ordering chart for application information). Includes retractable power cord. Operates at 48 dBA. Provides 644 CFM (1095 m³/hr) @ 90FPM.(0.46 m/s)
Filter: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, rated 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 µm particles; Ultra-Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters, rated 99.999% efficient @ 0.12 µm particles. Order desired filters separately
Dimensions 52.5"W x 29.5"D x 78"H (1334 mm x 749 mm x 1981 mm)

Self-Recharging Power Packs Self-Recharging Power Packs
No. 1529-16
90 min. @ 90 FPM (0.46 m/s)
No. 1529-76
20 min. @ 90 FPM (0.46 m/s)

Self-Recharging Power Packs
These units deliver power to the PureFlow fan/filter unit when AC power is disconnected, protecting sensitive materials against contaminants as they are transferred between processes.

They are activated the second the AC cord is unplugged. Flashing status lights and a warning alarm indicate that PureFlow is under Power Pack operation and serve as a reminder to re-connect AC power for recharging. Select the appropriate pack for your application. Includes installation below PureFlow storage area.

PureFlow Power Packs
Type Operation
115VAC, 60Hz 230VAC, 50Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Self-Recharging DC Cell 90 min. 1529-16 Price 1529-16-220 Price
Extended Operation UPS 20 min. 1529-76 Price 1529-76-220 Price

* Typical maximum operational time when operated at low speed.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) PureFlow™ Mobile Storage System
Description of Terra's mobile laminar-flow storage system with self-recharging battery back-up power: see instructions for settings and use.
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