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PureFlow™ Laminar Flow Transport Cart

PureFlow Laminar Flow Transport Cart   304 Stainless Steel PureFlow™

Polymer PureFlow

Rigid, reinforced acrylic enclosure combines strength and light weight for easy maneuverability. Perfect for wafer boxes up to 300 mm. Polypropylene model also available for enhanced chemical compatibility.

304 Stainless Steel PureFlow

All-stainless steel construction ensures unsurpassed durability and cleanliness. Operates up to 90 minutes on fully charged power pack. Many sizes and configurations accommodate wafer boxes, totes, and other materials.

304 Stainless Steel PureFlow™   Many door configurations available

Custom Configuration?
No Problem!
Terra will meet your requirements for –
  • Special Materials
  • Capacity
  • Product Fixtures
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

  • Maintains a Class 10/ISO 4 particle-free storage environment to protect sensitive work-in-progress during transfer from one process to another
  • A low-cost, versatile alternative to vacuum sealing, conveyor transport, and other transfer methods
  • On-board rechargeable power cell ensures uninterrupted filter operation for up to 90 minutes
  • Ergonomic designs are easy to maneuver through standard doorways, hallways
  • Heavy-duty, cushioned casters ensure smooth, safe rolling over industrial floors
  • PowerAlert! feature provides visible and audible reminder to reconnect AC power cord for recharging
  • Optional ionizing equipment maintains a static-safe environment
  • Materials and configurations for every requirement, from the world's leading manufacturer of cleanroom storage systems

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File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Acrylic HEPA-Filtered Mobile Storage System
Manual (PDF) PureFlow™ Mobile Storage System
Description of Terra's mobile laminar-flow storage system with self-recharging battery back-up power: see instructions for settings and use.
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