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Material Handling and Kitting Boxes and Bins

Material Handling and Packaging Products

These tote boxes and bins are designed for handling and kitting needs, particularly involving static-sensitive microelectronic parts.

Most of these products are available in either Benstat® or Bentron™, revolutionary plastics that provide unsurpassed static protective properties. Their injection-molded construction ensures superior consistency of wall thickness.

Benstat® employs an ionic exchange to accomplish static dissipation. The Benstat additives are chemically bonded with the molecular structure of the base polymer. This bonding produces an ionic exchange or ionic path through the entire volume of the material. The additives are at acceptable polymer levels so that they do not degrade the mechanical properties of the base resin. Benstat materials are permanently antistatic and do not depend on moisture for conductivity. Benstat is not affected by excessive handling or long-term storage and is acceptable for cleanroom applications.

Bentron™ incorporates a mixture of 40% conductive carbon particles or fibers into the plastic to produce the electrically conductive material.

All Benstat and Bentron materials qualify as electrostatic discharge protective per EIA 541, DOD Standard 1686A and DOD Handbook 263A. They further meet the decay rate provision of MIL B. 81705B.

Surface Resistivity: 109 ohms/square cm
Volume Resistivity: 1010 ohms/cubic cm
Static Decay Rate: 5KV to 0 in less than 2 seconds
Surface Resistance: 103 to 106 ohms/square cm
Volume Resistance: 103 to 106 ohms/square cm
Static Decay Rate: 5KV to 0 in 200 nanoseconds
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