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Mobile Drawer Units

Mobile Drawer Units
  • Polymer construction features all smooth surfaces and rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Select among 3" (76 mm), 6" (152 mm) and 12" (305 mm) drawers
  • 304 Stainless steel castered stands permit easy transport of stored parts

These clean, practical drawer units put your parts on wheels! Their smooth design eliminates sharp edges and corners where dust can accumulate, and the polymer material resists dents, corrosives, and oxidation. Casters (two swivel and two with brakes) let you move the unit easily and lock in place when desired.

To order, select the desired number of drawers of the desired height from the table below, then select the castered stand. Price includes mounting of drawers (unless otherwise specified, larger drawer sizes will be mounted on the bottom).

Drawer Units Castered Stand
Drawer Height
in. (mm)
Cat. # Price Height*
in. (mm)
Cat. # Price
3 (76)
1740-23 Price 6 (152) 1704-01 Price
6 (152)
1740-02 Price 9 (229)
1704-02 Price
12 (305)
1740-98 Price * Including 3"H (76 mm) Casters.
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