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Reticle/Photomask Storage Cabinets

Reticle/Photomask Storage Cabinets
Vertical Storage
No. 9130-02, with optional Filter Module and Casters.
  • Securely stores and organizes hundreds of reticle or photomask cassettes in a particle-free environment
  • Select filter/blower system or place beneath cleanroom ceiling filters to provide continuous laminar flow of particle-free air
  • Available in several configurations for secure vertical reticle placement
  • Ultra-clean materials ensure noncontaminating storage environment
  • Optimal storage densities conserve valuable cleanroom floor space, enhance inventory organization
For Vertical Storage: Photomask/Reticle Cabinets (Order filter/blower module separately)
Nominal Dimensions
inches, includes
10" (254 mm)-
high stand
W" x D" x H" (mm)
No. of
No. of Shelves
Total Reticle
304 Stainless Steel
Cat. # Price
28.5 x 25 x 38
(724 x 635 x 965)
1 3 (9) 189 9130-02A $ 4,045
(28.5 x 25 x 62)
(724 x 635 x 1575)
2 6 (18) 378 9130-03A $ 7,814
** Based on 7" x 7" x .125D (178 mm x 178 mm x 3 mm) cassettes. Call for systems customized to other cassette sizes.
These cabinets are designed specifically to meet the storage requirements of particle-sensitive photomasks and reticles.

A Clean Storage Environment, Inside and Out
Their turnkey design includes a fan/filter unit that mounts on top of the cabinet. It houses a quiet blower and a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter (rated @ 0.3µm particles) to protect stored parts from contaminant exposure.

Optional casters allow you to transport the photomasks or reticles freely around your facility. Configured as mobile units, these cabinets are especially useful for keeping cassettes clean and organized as you move them from a central storage area to an aligning system or other processing station. Casters raise the cabinet an additional 3" (76 mm) off the floor.

Vertical Inventory Storage:
Optimal Storage Density — Call for custom sizes!
Reticle/Photomask Storage Cabinets Reticle/Photomask Storage Cabinets
No. 9130-03, with casters No. 9130-03, with optional Filter Module and casters

Reticle/Photomask Dividers


These systems include open-structure shelves mounted on noncontaminating, low-friction runners that provide full access to stored cassettes. Each shelf contains three removable 304 stainless steel trays that provide secure storage of cassettes while allowing the laminar flow of filtered air to pass through the cabinet. Trays include slots on .187" (5 mm) centers for inserting optional reticle dividers, which hold cassettes securely in place and minimize the possibility of vibration that could damage delicate masks and reticles. Electropolishing is available for all 304 stainless steel components to meet ultra-clean material requirements.

Transparent side panels and hinged front double doors create a fully enclosed  cabinet. Panels are made of static-dissipative PVC, which controls static charges and the particles they attract.

Reticle/Photomask Dividers
Feature tension clips to eliminate any possible vibration while cabinet is in transit. For optimal product safety, select one divider for each photomask/reticle cassette.
Cat. # Price
Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel 1688-09 $ 4
Heavy-Duty Casters
Set of four, two with brakes. Raise cabinet an additional 3" (76 mm) off the floor
Cat. # Price
1700-44 $ 310

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