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Filtration UV Sterilization Cabinet

  • Ultra-violet germicidal lamp effectively sterilizes stored materials
  • Mirror-finish interior reflects light to reach all surfaces
  • Built-in timer lets you establish sterilization cycles
  • Safety “kill switch” disengages lamp when doors are open
  • Sturdy polypropylene and steel cabinet resists cracking and discoloration under extended exposure to UV light, as well as acids and other chemicals
  • Fan/filter module provides continuous wash of HEPA-filtered air to remove contaminants (ULPA filter also available)
  • Overlapping acrylic doors provide UV-C shielding
Features Key

A Timer
B Fan power switch
C Fan speed control
D Status indicator
E Mirror-finish interior
F Wire racks
G Door vents
H Powder-coated steel stand with adjustable nylon leveling feet
I Casters (not shown)
UV Sterilization Filtration Cabinet Photo
Polished steel lines cabinet interior for effective reflection of
sterilizing ultra-violet-C rays. Light cannot be engaged with
doors open. Cat. No. 6081-05B shown.
Filtered UV Sterilization Cabinet
  Cat. # Price
Filtered Sterilization Cabinet 6081-05B $ 4,542
HEPA Filter (99.99% efficient @ 0.3 µm) 2100-30 $ 201
ULPA Filter (99.999% efficient @ 0.12 µm) 2100-29 $ 220
Shelf Perforations Photo
Cabinet with doors closed. Wire shelves store materials
and reduce surface area for full UV-C lamp sterilization.

Cat.# Price
Casters Set of 4, including 2 with brakes 1700-44 $ 310

Sterilize totes, safety glasses, glassware and other small lab supplies using this ultraviolet-C sterilizing cabinet. These far-UV rays, measuring 180-280 nanometers, are filtered out by our atmosphere, so do not reach the earth’s surface. As such, bacteria haven’t adapted to them and are subsequently destroyed during exposure. The UV-C lamp is installed along the top of the cabinet’s interior. Polished stainless steel lines the walls, and with the help of wire racks, the mirror finish reflects the lamp light to effectively sterilize all surfaces.

A timer can be used to control cycle duration, and a “kill switch” ensures personnel safety by shutting the lamp off when doors are opened. The acrylic doors overlap to block harmful UV-C rays from escaping the cabinet.

This polypropylene cupboard also features a ceiling filter that removes submicron particles, including bacteria, aerosols and other biohazards (select HEPA or ULPA, below).

The open shelving optimizes the vertical flow of clean air through the cabinet; air exits through exhaust slots on the acrylic doors. Non-adjustable shelves are 12” deep and 24” wide. The system includes a powder-coated steel stand that raises the cabinet 5.5" (140 mm). The stand includes leveling feet; order caster set no. 1700-44 separately to make the cabinet mobile.

Dimensions: 25.75"W x 13.5"D x 56.5"H (654 mm x 343 mm x 1435 mm), including filter/blower module, but not stand mentioned above. Other sizes and chamber configurations available; call Terra with your requirements.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) 1800-94 UV Germicidal Cabinet
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