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UV Sterilization Cabinet

smart pass-through
UV Sterilization Cabinet has racks to hold
safety glasses and other supplies.
Mirrored panels increase UVC light coverage.
smart pass-through
Powder-coated UV Sterilization Cabinet
opens with two hinged doors, and comes
with keyed lock.
  • UVC lamp sterilizes surfaces by destroying ≥99% of microorganisms
  • Racks hold lab safety glasses, goggles, flasks and other supplies
  • Internal mirrors increase surface exposure to UV lamp rays
  • Sturdy powder-coated cabinet seals completely, preventing accidental exposure
  • Set timer to control UV-sterilization cycles

Ultraviolet-C light is effective in deactivating microorganism DNA since cells have no natural defense from these harmful rays. The earth's atmosphere acts as a filter to prevent UVC rays from reaching us. When exposure does occur, cells are damaged and can no longer reproduce. The UV Sterilization Cabinet is a tightly sealed cupboard designed for small parts sterilization, such as lab goggles, flasks and other supplies. Load the six convenient racks, close the cabinet, and set the timer; sterilization is fast and easy.

The UV lamp is located at the top of the cabinet and is covered with an aluminum reflector lining. Since the internal walls are lined with mirrors, reflection of light ensures that few surfaces remain hidden from the sterilizing treatment. Wire racks have small surface areas, eliminating line-of-sight obstructions.

The cabinet is also supplied with an outside light that glows red when the cabinet is in use. Personnel can see this warning light so that cabinet doors aren't mistakenly opened. To further prevent accidents, administrators can lock the door to prevent access.

Ordering Information
UV Sterilization Cabinet
  Cat. # Price
Sterilization Cabinet, 24”W x 9.5”D x 32”H 6081-00 $ 950
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