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Vidaro Grid Tool Belt

Vidaro grid tool belt

Vidaro Grid is a high-performance cleanroom fabric designed for industries where it is essential to protect products from static dissipative charges as well as airborne particles and lint. The Vidaro Grid tool belt is a cleanroom essential that has a convenient pocket to hold a variety of items, like tools or cell phone.

Vidaro Grid super-dense weave of 100% microdenier polyester fibers meets the highest standard of particulate control. A microengineered carbon fiber grid dissipates electrostatic charges and minimizes manufacturing defects in our cleanroom garments.

Vidaro Grid is a grid pattern fabric, with the ESD yarns in a square pattern. It most closely resembles Burlington C-3 and looks similar to Chemstat 909. It is a great fabric for semiconductor and electronics applications.

Vidaro Grid is 99% Polyester/1% Carbon.

12 piece order minimum

Size Cat. # Price
Large, 48"
4954-60 Call TUI
X-Large, 54"
4954-61 Call TUI
2X-Large, 60"
4954-62 Call TUI
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