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Ceiling-Module Mounting Frame

Stainless steel mounting frames allow ceiling modules to be installed in drywall or other hard ceilings without a ceiling grid.* The frames are sized to hold 2' x 4' fan/filter units or light panels, or 2' x 3' and 2' x 2' fan/filter.

Frames "cradle" the modules, and sit securely in the ceiling cut-out with support from top flange. Continuous seams in the 304 stainless steel frames' corners reduce deposit of contaminating particles and simplify cleaning.
FFU Mounting Frame
FFU Mounting Frame FFU Mounting Frame
Shown with Fan/Filter Unit installed, viewed from above ceiling panel. Ceiling module mounting frame:
2' x 4' shown, holding fan/filter
unit or light panel.
Description Cat. # Price
Mounting Frame: 2' x 4' 6604-02 $ 269
Mounting Frame: 2' x 3' 6604-01 $ 261
Mounting Frame: 2' x 2' 6604-00 $ 254
* Intended for use with supported ceilings that can safely bear the weight of fan/filter unit or light being installed. Mounting frame provides no support beyond the perimeter of the ceiling cut-out.
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