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EZ-UP Suspended Frame Cleanroom 

EZ-UP Cleanroom suspended frame
Suspended-Frame EZ-UP Cleanroom creates a large, economical dust-free environment inside warehouses or other unclassified spaces (shown: custom model with extended-height ceiling)

Parting strip shields provide convenient access
Features Key

A 40 mil vinyl panels create a clean enclosure inside dirty warehouse space
B Support frame is suspended from ceiling anchors
C HEPA Fan/Filter Units (FFUs) provide micro-filtered air to meet ISO 8 particle requirements (not shown)
D Strip-shield entry (standard strips extend to 10' ceiling height)
E Optional A/C and dehumidification modules provide temperature and relative humidity control (not shown)
cULus logo Wafer/CE
Fan/filter units below are UL and UL-Canadian listed. CE-marked models available; inquire when ordering
  • Compliant with ISO 8 cleanliness standards at a fraction of the cost associated with other modular cleanrooms
  • Installation performed in a single day, rather than weeks required by many modular cleanrooms
  • Fast and inexpensive to relocate and reassemble
  • Modular, expandable design with vinyl panels 
  • Knock-down design facilitates easy shipping
  • Specify HEPA Fan/Filter Units and support frames separately to provide horizontal flow of micro-filtered air to meet ISO 8 particle requirements
Ideal for Clean Processing in Many Industries!
Equipment Enclosure: perfect for bulky equipment that requires dust-free operating conditions
Horticultural Enclosure: add air conditioning and/or heating modules to create a controlled, hydroponic growing enclosure for organic or other strict cultivation requirements.
Assembly/Packaging Station: create a clean packaging area where sensitive bulk materials are assembled and repackaged.
Cleaning Areas: the perfect environment for final cleaning and packaging of sensitive equipment designed for critical cleanroom or laboratory use.
eLiquid Production: Convert a conventional warehouse space into an ISO 8-compliant environment for eLiquid processing.
Terra’s  EZ-UP Suspended Frame Cleanroom creates a large-scale, low-cost ISO cleanroom in hours, not days or weeks. This system is comprised of one middle and two end vinyl panels (one solid and one parting strip-shield).

The middle vinyl panel drapes over a suspended ceiling frame support structure and the two end vinyl panes can overlap or attach to the middle panel

The EZ-UP Cleanroom is easy to install and helps warehouse and other environments meet most space and contamination requirements. 

Anti-static, flame-resistant panels are available in 40 mil thickness to meet your cleanroom requirements for ceiling load and durability. The frame structure consists of 2”-square powder-coated steel members that provide ample strength to support vinyl panels. Convenient mounting kits contain wire rope, eyebolts and other hardware needed for securely anchoring the structure from warehouse or other facility ceiling.

Various dimensions are available for the EZ-UP Cleanroom (see illustration below).

HEPA Filter/Fan for ISO 8 Compliant Environments

Rack-mounted 99.99% efficient HEPA filter/fan units provide a horizontal flow of clean air to meet low-particle requirements inside the EZ-UP Suspended Frame Cleanroom. By positioning these HEPA units at approximately 20-foot increments along the cleanroom perimeter, the positive airflow creates ISO 8 cleanliness conditions to meet a wide range of industry processing requirements (see sidebar). Alternatively, a high-volume HEPA-filtered air handler provides a more centralized source of cleanroom-grade clean air.

Ordering Information

EZ-UP Suspended Frame Cleanrooms come in pre-configured kits that include anti-static, flame-resistant vinyl panels and suspension frame members. All dimensions are nominal and drawings are furnished with each order.

Sold separately: Suspension Hardware Kit, Fan Filter Unit Strip Shield Door Entry, LED Light StripsHEPA Filtration modules and Air Conditioning solutions.
Nominal Dimensions
(W x L x H)
Suspended Frame Kit with 40 mil Vinyl Panels
Weight (lbs.)* Cat. # Price
12' x 16' x 8' 589 lbs 6604-70 $ 4,725
12' x 20' x 8' 815 lbs 6604-71 $ 5,044
12' x 28' x 8' 589 lbs 6604-72 $ 5,684
12' x 40' x 8' 1266 lbs 6604-73 $ 6,641
20' x 16' x 8' 1492 lbs 6604-74 $ 5,942
20' x 20' x 8' 1717 lbs 6604-75 $ 6,222
20' x 28' x 8' 1942 lbs 6604-76 $ 6,782
20' x 40' x 8' 769 lbs 6604-77 $ 7,644
12' x 16' x 10' 1025 lbs 6604-78 $ 5,200
12' x 20' x 10' 1278 lbs 6604-79 $ 5,555
12' x 28' x 10' 1534 lbs 6604-80 $ 6,263
12' x 40' x 10' 1788 lbs 6604-81 $ 7,329
20' x 16' x 10' 2062 lbs 6604-82 $ 6,550
20' x 20' x 10' 2297 lbs 6604-83 $ 6,863
20' x 28' x 10' 2062 lbs 6604-84 $ 7,484
20' x 40' x 10' 2297 lbs 6604-85 $ 8,442

Suspension Kit, for EZ-UP Cleanroom

Kit includes wire rope, eyebolts, crimping tool, winch and other components required for suspension of EZ-UP Cleanroom. Specify height of ceiling from which frame will be suspended.
  Cat. # Price
Suspension Kit
6604-65 Call TUI
Accessories Cat. # Price
Fan/Filter Unit Support Frame
Positions up to two Fan/Filter Units for horizontal flow of micro-filtered air.
6604-60 $ 285
Fan/Filter Unit
Provides up to 800 CFM of 99.99% efficient HEPA filtration of air into the EZ-UP Cleanroom. Up to two can be installed on frame support above.
6601-24-H $ 776

Strip Shield Doors provide convenient, inexpensive access for applications that don’t require pressure or temperature control  A 4'-wide strip shield entry is provided on all Softwall EZ-UP Cleanrooms (standard location: centered mounted along one width dimension). Use ordering information below to specify additional strip shield entries.

  • Strip shields, made of 60-mil material
  • Available in standard 8” (203 mm) widths, with 2” (51 mm) overlap
  • Made of static-dissipative PVC for enhanced particle and static control
For Ceiling
Static-Dissipative PVC, 60 mil
Resistivity: 10^7 ohms/sq.
Cat. # $/ Linear Ft.
Up to 8 ft. 1320S-08 $ 55
Up to 10 ft. 1320S-10 $ 67
Shown: #1320S-08

LED Light Strips
This low-cost, low-energy lighting system attaches to the internal frame or plastic panel to provide bright illumination (15,375 lumens for 25 feet of double-stacked LED strips, equivalent to four fluorescent T8 bulbs). Price is per linear foot (25-foot minimum). Includes power supply.
Cat. # Price
3800-40 $ 16

HEPA Air Handler Meets ISO 8 Contamination or Containment Requirements

This system provides 3000 CFM (5100 m3/hr.) of high-volume flow of HEPA-filtered air to maintain clean conditions inside the EZ-UP Cleanroom. This micro-filtered air is ducted to inlet locations you specify in any of the configurations above. For convention cleanroom configurations, inlets are positioned on the ceiling of the enclosure, and make-up air exits through modular exhaust registers installed along the floor. Alternatively, inlets can be installed along a wall to provide horizontal air movement.

This unit can also be installed for exhaust ventilation, allowing safe containment of hazardous powders or bacteria introduced inside the enclosure.

Select as many 12”-diameter inlet ports as your application requires, up to ten per air handler. Call for more information on configurations required to meet specific ISO cleanliness
standards (to ISO 7).
  Cat. # Price
High-Capacity Exhaust Fan 120VAC 6710-68 $ 4,492
208VAC 6710-68-208 $ 4,492
HEPA Filter (two required)
99.99% efficient @0.3µm particles
2100-20 Call TUI
Inlet Duct Port
Each kit includes dual flanges that secure a 12"-diameter x 3"H flange for connection to inlet air duct. Can be positioned at any desired location on any EZ-UP Cleanroom.
6604-62 $ 258
Exhaust Vents
Specify one per inlet duct to provide safe pressure release. Vinyl flap opens and closes to prevent overpressures. Specify desired location when ordering.
6604-63 $ 172

Air Conditioning
Terra provides several A/C solutions: modular air conditioning units recirculates cooled air through the enclosure, and, for larger enclosures, split units mount the heat-generating compressor on the roof of your facility and drop cool air to the EZ-UP cleanroom. More information…

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) EZ-UP Cleanroom® Suspended Frame: Doc. # 1788-36
This manual contains general installation and operating instructions for the EZ-UP Suspended Frame Cleanroom enclosure. Proper use of this manual requires the assembly drawings specific to your order. Custom Manuals (that include drawings) can be accessed in the Technical Resources section of using your Sales Order ID.
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