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Cleanroom Accessories and Services

Quick Conncet
Double-wall BioSafe steel panels house all conduit and
air/vacuum lines to minimize clutter inside the cleanroom
Terra Universal offers a complete line of other optional features to optimize any BioSafe® clean room for your requirements:
  • Utilities
  • Sterilization
  • Humidity Control
  • Fire Safety Equipment

Power, Gas, Vacuum and DI Water Connections

Utilities include flush-mount outlets for power and data ports, as well as quick-connect fittings for compressed air, nitrogen, or vacuum lines.

A/C module
UV-C Sterilization Module installed inside A/C duct (cover removed to show bulb

BioSafe Clean Room Sterilization

BioSafe Clean room panels by design promote aseptic processing. Their smooth interiors and radius corners are easy to wipe down and eliminate cracks where microbes can colonize. Coved or caulked floors further reduce the chance of microbial growth.

Terra also offers several options to enhance this sterile environment.

Ductwork Sterilization: Ductwork modules expose the airstream with 254nm UV-C radiation to kill biological contaminants before they reach the ceiling plenum or Fan/Filter Units. Sized to ensure effective kill rates based on air flow, these units help eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi in inaccessible locations.

room sanitizer

Mobile Room Sanitizer: Terra offers the only UV-C mobile room sanitizer certified to UL and CSA standards, with 3rd-party ETL certification. It features four high-output, extended-length, Teflon-coated UV-C lamps that deliver ample energy to kill most common bacteria and viruses within an exposure range of 8 feet (2438 mm) in only 2 minutes.

Its compact, portable design lets you wheel it into position after personnel have left a room and run a sterilization cycle within minutes. It is effective on all walls, floor and ceiling surfaces within its line of sight.

Dehumidification Module No. 6710-62

Humidity Control

Terra Air Conditioning Modules are available with RH control that reduces moisture in the cooled return air to help maintain a low relative humidity level.

Additional RH control is performed by desiccant-bed dehumidifiers that continuously draw air from the room into a desiccation chamber before returning it to the cleanroom.

The Ultrasonic Humidifier fits directly into a standard 2’ x 4’ (610 mm x 1219 mm) ceiling grid, eliminating floor clearance requirements. It uses five ultrasonic transducers to generate a humidifying mist, allowing above-ambient humidity testing.

Fire Safety Solutions

Terra offers a variety of fire safety systems to meet local fire codes. These include dry fire extinguisers, ceiling fire sprinklers, and fire detection systems.

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