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BioSafe® Cleanroom CPVC Wall Panel System

  • BioSafe CPVC cleanroom
    CPVC panels installed over drywall to convert facility space into an ISO-5 cleanroom.
    Cleanroom chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) wall panels tested and certified to meet ISO 5 – 8 cleanliness standards
  • Compressed plastic panels are uniform to enhance durability, prevent particle emission and microbial growth
  • Unique solvent-free silicone adhesive allows installation on most standard wall surfaces, including gypsum wallboard and concrete
  • Non-outgassing adhesive resists mold growth and moisture damage
  • Seams are welded to provide trim-free seams without cracks or gaps
  • CPVC coving of floor, corners and ceiling simplifies cleaning and sterilization, making this system ideal for sterile environments
  • Resists a broad range of chemicals, including cleaning and sterilizing agents
BioSafe CPVC cleanroom BioSafe CPVC cleanroom
Wall and ceiling space covered with CPVC Panels
BioSafe Cleanroom CPVC Wall Panel Specifications
Composition: Chlorinated polyvinylchloride, with glass fiber
Thickness: 0.079" (2 mm)
Color: White
Coving: CPVC

BioSafe Cleanroom CPVC Wall Panel Certifications*

  • Particle emission ISO Class 5 – 8 per ISO 14644-1
  • American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) E-84: Test for surface burning characteristics of building materials
  • ASTM D 638: Standard test method for tensile properties of plastics
  • ASTM D 790: Test methods for flexural properties of unreinforced and reinforced plastics and the electrical insulating materials
  • ASTM D 256: Test methods for determining the izod pendulum impact resistance of plastics
  • ASTM D 648: Test method for deflection temperature of plastics under flexural load in the edgewise position

*Certified only for installation onto walls less than 30-feet high using BioSafe CPVC installation materials.

BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating
Terra's BioSafe products meet design and material standards that go far beyond conventional cleanroom requirements.

Developed specifically for aseptic requirements in bio-pharmaceutical cleanrooms, these items incorporate a range of features that minimize particle generation and accumulation and inhibit microbial growth. Learn more . . .

Ordering Information

Includes specified CPVC wall conversion components, including CPVC sheets and adhesive. Order lights, fan/filter units and grid panels separately. Prices are per linear foot, with 20-foot minimum order.

Wall Height CPVC
Cat. # Price/Lin. ft.
8' 6601-89-0408 $ 82

Other BioSafe Cleanroom Conversion System Information
System Overview
Ceiling Grid
Cleanroom Flooring

* Data sheets available upon request.

** Coving works best when walls are level and aligned. Speak to a Product Specialist for help.

*** Terra provides complete installation services for BioSafe Cleanroom Wall Panels; call for more information.
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