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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

BioSafe Cleanroom Air Conditioning and Air Handling
Terra AC modules maintain the narrow temperature range required by garbed personnel and sensitive equipment inside a BioSafe® modular cleanroom.

Several configurations are available, with return air recirculated through Vertical Air Return modules mounted outside the cleanroom or directly through the BioSafe® cleanroom panels.

Photo: Powder-Coated Steel BioSafe® Cleanroom with:
A Dual Air Conditioning Modules (No. 6704-32)
B Custom Vertical Air Returns
C Ceiling Plenum (containing fan/filter units)

Air conditioning with a ceiing plenum

Ductless Applications:
Air Conditioning with a Ceiling Plenum

In very large BioSafe® structures, Terra recommends an insulated ceiling plenum, which provides cooled return air to the fan/filter units.

Air conditioning modules are mounted to air returns, which direct cooled air upward to the plenum. Depending on the number of fan/filter units (FFUs) being serviced, additional Vertical Air Return modules may be required to ensure ample recirculated air supply to the FFUs. Adjustable baffles on the A/C modules allow some fresh make-up air to enter the system.

A/C Module
A/C Module mounted to return plenum, which directs cooled air to the ceiling plenum. Shown with optional UV sterilization module (cover removed), which kills microbes in the air stream
A/C Modules (more information)   Vertical Air Returns
Net BTUH Capacity
KW AC Control Only AC and RH Control
Cat. # Cat. #
18,000 1.5
8 6704-27
48,000 4
10 6704-28 6704-31
57,000 5
10 6704-29 6704-32
Services up to # FFUs
Cat. #
For Cleanrooms up to
7’ (2134 mm) high
For Cleanrooms over
7’ (2134 mm) high

Air Conditioning without a ceiling plenum

Ducted Applications:
Air Conditioning without a Ceiling Plenum
In these structures, cooled air directed from the A/C module upward through an air return module (included with the A/C unit). This air return attaches to ductwork that feeds the Fan/Filter Units (FFUs) positioned on the cleanroom ceiling. A single A/C module can typically feed up to six FFUs.

Additional FFUs are typically fed air recirculated from the cleanroom through Vertical Air Returns, as shown in the illustration above.

Depending on the number of fan/filter units (FFUs) being serviced, additional A/C or Vertical Air Return modules may be required. Adjustable baffles on the A/C modules allow some fresh make-up air to enter the system.

Each FFU requires an FFU Connect pack, which includes all hardware required to connect and seal the duct.

A/C Module mounted to return plenum
A/C Module mounted to return plenum, with cooled air ducted to fan/filter units.

Air Conditioning Modules with Air Returns
See above.

Vertical Air Returns
See above.

FFU Connect Packs Cat. # Price
Includes ducting and mounting hardware 6601-01 $ 166

High-Volume Air Handlers

air handler ventilation
Air handlers ventilate cleanroom air either to the ceiling plenum or the external environment (as shown in illustration)
High-Volume Air Handlers
Air handlers allow precise adjustment of pressure inside a cleanroom by ventilating air either into the ceiling plenum or to the external environment. By removing the right volume of air, this equipment creates a net negative pressure inside the cleanroom, as required in BSL-2 and other applications involving potentially hazardous materials.

Call Terra to discuss your application. Because they often involve potential bio-hazards, negative-pressure cleanrooms require careful engineering to ensure the proper ventilation volume, exit air filtration, and system seals.

More information on High-Volume Air Handlers.

Air Return Illustration
Double-wall BioSafe® Panels accommodate electrical and gas utilities, insulation, air returns

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File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) BSL Explanation
Understand Biological Safety Levels (BSL) by reading this summary of the CDC's specifications for working with infectious agents.
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