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BioSafe® Tempered Glass Cleanroom

Cleanroom Tempered Glass
BioSafe Glass Cleanroom with all-stainless steel frame: 13’W x 8.5’D x 12’H (outside dimensions) shown.
Cleanroom Sketch
BioSafe Glass Cleanrooms can be built in single- or multi-room configurations, at any size you require.
  • Meets ISO 5 – 8 cleanliness requirements
  • Transparent panels allow full visibility into clean room
  • Glass tempered for added strength and safety
  • All-stainless steel, free-standing frame, including ceiling grid and hardware; no external bracing required
  • Materials are non-sloughing, non-outgassing and resist chemical damage
  • HEPA or ULPA fan/filter units provide laminar flow of clean air
  • Bi-swing door with self-closing hinges to maintain room pressure
  • Available in any size or footprint to meet unique floorplan requirements
  • Ideal for aseptic facilities that require frequent sterilization, even biocide spray-down!
  • Front-mounted control panel includes power on/off and gauges

The Perfect Modular Cleanroom for Aseptic Bio/Pharmaceutical Processing

Terra’s BioSafe Tempered Glass Cleanroom is made of ultra-clean glass and stainless steel. These materials stand up to rigorous cleaning and aseptic disinfection, resisting damage from most cleaning agents. The cleanroom even supports decontamination spray-down with alcohol or other sterilizing agent. Materials are non-porous and non-sloughing, so they won’t outgas, generate particulates or promote the growth of microorganisms.

The glass panels are tempered for increased strength and safety. They are mounted along the center of steel frame-member depths and held in place with mirror-finish trim strips to ensure that the room effectively holds positive pressure. The 304 stainless steel frame is made of two-inch square tubes and features smooth, continuous welds that eliminate crevices where contaminants may cluster. Combined with HEPA or ULPA fan/filter units, the BioSafe Tempered Glass Cleanroom complies with cleanliness requirements down to ISO 5.

Pass-through chambers up to 24”W x 24”D x 24”H can safely be installed in the 0.25”-thick glass wall panel, allowing controlled transfer of materials into the critical space. The frameless tempered-glass door is 3/8” thick with self-closing hinges. It has polished steel pull/push handles on both sides, and an optional door stop restricts the swing direction, preventing blow-back.

The ceiling grid and all hardware are also manufactured out of 304 stainless steel. Ceiling grid bays hold 2’ x 4’ fan/filter units and light fixtures wired into a Power Distribution Module located above the modular room’s ceiling. On/off switches and night mode for these electrical modules are conveniently located in the control panel, mounted next to the entrance. Panels made of polypropylene (or other materials: see ceiling panels here) fill in the remaining bays.

  Ordering Information
Glass Cleanroom with Stainless Steel Frame:* Cat. # Price
6600-43 Call TUI
*Specify desired dimensions and door location.

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Glass Cleanroom
Alt Text
Sealing of Panel Seams
Although rooms meet positive pressure without seam sealing, plastic panel sweeps can be used to meet cGMP or other requirements.
Control Panel
Monitor cleanroom air pressure and access power switches for lighting and fan/filter units from a conveniently located control box.
Optional Ceiling Covers
Protect ceiling light modules and fan/filter units from cleanroom wash-downs with durable polypropylene covers.

Optional Mounted Pass-Through
Pass-through chambers up to 24 x 24 x 24 can be installed in tempered-glass cleanroom wall panels for clean transfer of supplies.

Self-Closing Door Hinges
Glass door closes automatically, helping to maintain room pressure and minimize influx of contaminants. Hinges are polished stainless steel.

Cleanroom Sterilization
Sterilize cleanroom ceiling, tempered-glass wall panels and floor by applying disinfectant chemicals and rinsing with a water power-wash.

Ceiling Module Cover


Protect fan/filter units (FFUs) and light fixtures from exposure to chemicals and water during cleanroom wash-downs. Electrical components and filters may be damaged from contact with fluids. By using ceiling module covers, cleanroom personnel save the time and effort of module removal and re-installation, which may include re-certification testing if the room is breached.

Installation of ceiling module covers requires a ladder; the covers attach to the ceiling grid with rotating aluminum clips. Three sizes are available to accommodate standard FFU sizes: 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’ and 2’ x 4’. Light panels would be paired-up with 2’ x 4’ covers.

Covers are made of white polypropylene with aluminum grips for convenient handling. Polypropylene resists damage from many common sterilizing chemicals. Panels are easy to store and wipe-down.

ceiling panel cleanroom
Ceiling module cover 2’ x 4’ shown, clipped to ceiling grid (model #6705-37).
  Ordering Information
Ceiling Module Covers: Cat. # Price
2' x 2'
6705-35 $ 92
2' x 3' 6705-36 $ 97
2' x 4'
6705-37 $ 101

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