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Cleanroom Wireless Control System

Wireless Cleanroom Control—Remote Access to Savings
Cleanroom Wireless Control
Remote wireless switch controls cleanroom
operation up to 100 feet away.
iphone ipad display
App allows iPhone or iPad operation
via WiFi connection.
Terra's latest-generation Wireless Cleanroom Control System offers convenient power management to optimize efficiency and cut operating costs.
  • Turn off lights and air conditioning and put fan filter unit in energy-saving mode at the press of a control switch or remotely via iPhone app
  • Set up automatic scheduling to control cleanroom operation (FFUs, lights, temperature) based on your operating hours
  • A/C and other energy cost savings on weekends and off-hours provide fast ROI (typically within a year)
  • Remote Internet monitoring and control—check operation and make changes from home
  • Simple operation via iPhone/iPad—as easy as setting your home thermostat
  • Priced so reasonably that you can't afford not to include it, even with simple cleanrooms!

Easy to set up and operate, this system provides two ways to control fan/filter units, lights and A/C modules integrated into your modular cleanroom: 1) a remote switch, which controls operation via a wireless signal up to 100 feet from the cleanroom (shown above), or 2) an iPhone/iPad app, which allows convenient monitor/control capabilities from any location with WiFi access.

A complete system includes desired cleanroom modules (FFUs, light and A/C modules, order separately), and the units below. The Power Distribution Module controls up to five FFUs and five lights and includes special electronics to allow wireless operation. The Control Configuration charge includes the remote switch and electronic integration of each module in your wireless control system (lights, FFUs and A/C modules).

Call Terra for more information on how the Wireless Cleanroom Control System can work for you!

Power Distribution Module for Wireless Control System*
Cat. # Price
6600-29A-WL-P $ 4,467
6600-29A-WL-P-220 $ 4,467
*One required for every five fan/filter units

Control Configuration for Wireless Control System*
Cat. # Price
6601-71 $ 120
*One required per controlled device: fan/filter unit, light or A/C module
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