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Explosion-Proof Softwall Modular Cleanroom

ValuLine Hardwall Modular Cleanroom
Custom 10 ft. Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom with
additional cross-bracing (on casters for portability)
Features Key

A Meets NEC requirements for Class I/Division 1 hazardous locations
B Explosion-Proof fan/filter units provide a laminar flow of HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air
C Explosion-Proof LED light modules
D Separate power switches for FFUs and lights
E Static Dissipative PVC strip curtains provide easy access
F Powder-coated steel structure requires no external bracing
 G Equip casters to create a mobile equipment enclosure

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The Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom provides a HEPA-filtered enclosure for operations classified as Class I/Division 1 Groups C & D, built upon the economical construction of Terra’s standard softwall cleanroom.  All standard ceiling components have been replaced with fully sealed, explosion-proof housings and an array of special-purpose steel conduit that encapsulates the electrical wiring to offer maximum protection against potential ignition sources.
Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom
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  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanrooms
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Explosion-Proof Power Switches
Power to the lights and fan/filter units is controlled by two separate UL-rated explosion-proof switches.
Explosion-Proof Fan/Filter Unit
Both the prefilter and the HEPA filter screen are grounded to the body of the FFU, preventing dangerous static build-up.
Explosion-Proof LED Lighting
Heavy duty LED light modules offer high luminescence and dissipate heat through a specially designed housing.

Explosion-Proof PDM
Power distribution modules are completely sealed and are built to withstand internal explosions.

Potted Fittings
These fittings are filled with an expanding cement mixture to isolate various explosion-proof components from the rest of the system.

Quick-Disconnect Conduit Unions
These specialized conduit unions form a tight seal once threaded together, simplifying conduit installation.

Explosion-Proof Cleanroom Components

ValuLine Hardwall Modular Cleanroom
Explosion-proof Fan/Filter Unit next to an
explosion-proof LED light module

Terra’s Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom only uses Class I/Division 1 components that have been designed to isolate all electrical components and dissipate static electricity through established grounding points.  The Explosion-Proof Fan/Filter Units feature a non-sparking motor mounted within a sealed, cast iron housing and meet the same performance standards set by Terra’s standard WhisperFlow™ models. 

Explosion-proof LED lighting modules provide a high level of brightness while dissipating heat through the housing, offering energy efficiency and longevity in a Class I/Division 1 package. 

Explosion-Proof Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) feature watertight, corrosion-resistant aluminum housings and serve as the main power hubs within the conduit array.  Due to the added weight of these specialized components, the entire ceiling grid is reinforced with support bars and may require additional cross-bracing, as shown in the custom cleanroom above.

ValuLine Hardwall Modular Cleanroom
Heavy-duty, explosion-proof Power Distribution Module with sealed conduit connection to the FFU

Quick Disconnects

ValuLine Hardwall Modular Cleanroom
Quick-Disconnect conduit unions allow the preassembled sections of conduit to be easily connected without any additional sealing measures

Prior to shipping from the factory, each Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom is fully assembled by our team and tested for functionality.  In order to make reassembly easier for the customer, the conduit array is systematically labeled and disassembled into sections, with each section featuring Quick Disconnect couplings. 

These couplings allow the sections of conduit to be reassembled in any order while maintaining the Class I/Division 1-rated seal that resists moisture, vapors, and dust.  Each section can be installed or removed without turning the already installed conduit and does not require the use of any PTFE tape or other sealing measures.

Potted Fittings

ValuLine Hardwall Modular Cleanroom
Potted fittings are filled with an expanding cement mixture to seal off each component from the system

A specialized fitting can be found in the line of conduit leading up to each of the major ceiling components.  Each of these potted fittings must be completely filled with the included cement mixture in order to isolate each of the ceiling components from the rest of the system. 

This is a safety precaution designed to prevent an explosive reaction from spreading uncontrollably within the conduit, damaging the entire system and potentially reaching fresh fuel.  The potted fittings arrive preinstalled in the conduit and include a kit that provides the cement mixture components and easy-to-follow mixing instructions.

Static Dissipative PVC Strips

ValuLine Hardwall Modular Cleanroom
All explosion-proof cleanrooms are equipped with static-dissipative PVC strips to prevent static build-up

To reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge, Terra’s Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom includes non-shedding Static Dissipative PVC strips as standard equipment.  These transparent softwall strip shields feature static inhibitors embedded within the layers of PVC.  By eliminating electrostatic attraction, static-dissipative panels will not collect dust and other particles on their surfaces, making them even cleaner than the typical cleanroom wall materials. 

Static-Dissipative PVC has been ASTM-tested to maintain a surface resistance greater than 107 ohms/square while surviving a battery of environmental stress tests.  Static-dissipative characteristics may degrade over time and may require replacement after two years (depending on temperature, humidity, UV exposure, and other environmental conditions

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom: Doc. #1788-17
This installation guide provides instructions for setup and operation of the Explosion-Proof Softwall Modular Cleanroom.
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