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Filter Replacement Alarm System

Challenge port
  • Keep your fan/filter units working efficiently
  • Receive automated filter replacement alerts
  • Prevent electrical or fire hazards
  • Control filter set-point
  • Plan ahead to avoid operational interruptions

Knowing when to replace a HEPA or ULPA filter can be challenging. Terra's Filter Replacement Alarm can help! The module monitors the back-pressure of the filter and alerts cleanroom personnel when replacement is needed.

FFU motor damage may occur from over-work due to building pressure, and even lead to electrical failure or dangerous fire hazards. Filter replacement is much more economical than FFU replacement or room rewire, and doesn't require time-consuming operational shutdown.

How does it work? Pressure within the space between the blower and the filter will increase over time as more and more particles accumulate in the filter. The system's Photohelic® gauge features two manually adjustable needles that are used to mark the original backpressure reading and the maximum acceptable level (typically double the backpressure reading of a new filter).

The gauge connects to the nearest fan/filter unit (FFU) equipped with a Challenge Port (Part #6601-99) and displays the backpressure created within the FFU. An LED indicator light above the gauge will flash, and a buzzer will sound, when the pressure exceeds this set limit. Personnel are then notified that the room's HEPA or ULPA filters should be replaced. An override switch silences the buzzer, but the light continues to flash until the filter is replaced.

  Cat. # Price
Filter Replacement Alarm System 2625-54B-SS $ 1,140



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