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Fire-Resistant and Explosion-Proof Modular Cleanrooms

fire-rated cleanroom
Fire-resistant cleanroom shown with FM 4910-listed transparent CPVC wall panels

For applications involving flammable liquids or gases, Terra's modular cleanrooms can be outfitted with components constructed of noncombustible materials to make the interior surfaces more fire-resistant.  In addition to steel paneling, Terra offers two types of plastic panels that have been Specification Tested according to FM 4910 Clean Room Materials Flammability Test Protocol for flame spread, smoke contamination and resistance to corrosives. Cleanrooms can also be equipped with explosion-proof fan/filter units, LED lights and other components to meet NEC rquirements for Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D.

Important Note: Verify chemical compatibility with panel materials before ordering

  • FM 4910-listed transparent CPVC panels offer greater strength and full visibility with a choice of a slight gray or blue tint
  • FM 4910-listed white polypropylene panels are resistant to a wider range of chemicals and are opaque for privacy
  • For more durable panels, choose either powder-coated steel or stainless steel
  • Material choices will replace all wall panels, blank ceiling panels, and door panels
  • Powder-coated steel frame and steel ceiling grid are inherently noncombustible and completely self-supported; no drop-ceiling required!
  • Modular construction features interchangeable components that can be easily configured to better control hazards and environmental concerns
  • Standardized 2’ x 4’ ceiling bays make it simple to add HEPA-filtered fan units as needed to meet ISO 5 – ISO 8 cleanroom classifications
  • Heavy duty, explosion-proof LED lighting, fan/filter units, fume hoods and power switches are also available
Fire-Resistant Modular Cleanrooms
Panel Type Cat. # Price
FM 4910 Transparent CPVC 6600-73-4910 Call TUI
FM 4910 White Polypropylene 6600-68-4910 Call TUI
Powder-Coated Steel 6600-04 Call TUI
Type 304 Stainless Steel 6600-09 Call TUI
Note: Type 316L stainless steel also available; call for quote.

FM 4910 Light Fixture Lens Cover

Cleanroom light fixtures can be modified to use FM 4910-listed CPVC for the transparent lens instead of the standard polycarbonate panel. While polycarbonate provides excellent chemical resistance, it can potentially melt and contribute to flame spread if exposed to significant heat. Without the appropriate fire-resistant light panel, there for will ensure that there are no weak points in your fire-resistant cleanroom.

Optional LED light fixture with
blue-tinted FM4910 CPVC

Replace Aluminum Components with Stainless Steel for Enhanced Fire-Resistance

aluminum replacement door
Mirror-finish stainless steel door frame
As temperatures rise beyond 212°F (100°C), aluminum quickly loses strength and tends to fail rapidly under actual fire conditions. In comparison, most varieties of steel can withstand temperatures above 1000°F for short periods of time. The lower carbon content of stainless steel allows it to retain its structural integrity under high heat stress, with Type 316L stainless steel lasting the longest under the highest temperatures.

Terra can provide stainless steel versions of nearly any component of the cleanroom. For a completely flame-resistant interior, it's important to choose options that utilize noncombustible or fire-resistant materials.

For example, the standard aluminum door frame and door-closing mechanism can be replaced with stainless steel versions. Choose either Type 304 or Type 316L stainless steel and select either a standard brush-finish or optional mirror-finish. Door panels will be of the same fire-resistant material as the walls and ceiling panels.

Cleanroom Accessories

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