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Hybrid Cleanroom

Hybrid Cleanroom
Hardwall strength, durability and cleanliness at softwall prices!
Features Key

A Ceiling HEPA Fan/Filter Units meet cleanliness requirements: ISO 5-8
B Fluorescent lights
C Anti-static PVC panels positioned taut along inside perimeter
D Control panel includes FFU and light controls and internal pressure gauge
E All-steel frame and ceiling grid: strong, clean, durable
F Aluminum swing access door
  Power Distribution Module (not shown) allows fast, easy FFU/light connection
  • Converts any unclassified space into an ISO 5-8 cleanroom!
  • Smooth internal surfaces are easy to wipe down and sterilize—ideal for bio-pharmaceutical aseptic processing
  • Also perfect for enclosing particle-sensitive process equipment
  • Economical anti-static panels sustain internal positive pressure to block particle influx
  • HEPA Fan/Filter Units (FFUs) provide up to 808 CFM (as high speed; more on Terra FFUs)
  • All-steel supports create a rigid, free-standing support structure
The Hybrid Cleanroom combines design features and application benefits of Terra’s hardwall, softwall, and BioSafe designs.

Like standard hardwall cleanrooms, it features ceiling HEPA fan/filter units that meet ISO 5 – 8 cleanliness standards and maintain internal positive pressure that prevent particle influx. Because it maintains a positive internal pressure, it minimizes particle influx and quickly sweeps any contaminants inside the room through exit openings.

Smooth internal walls are easy to wipe down and sterilize.
Smooth internal walls are easy
to wipe down and sterilize.

Its unique panel design allows easy cleaning of internal surfaces. The flexible 40-mil panels are installed taut along the inside perimeter, with no surface obstacles to prevent wipe-down. Their smooth, anti-static vinyl surface stands up to alcohol and most cleaning agents, making the hybrid cleanroom easy to clean and sterilize, much like Terra’s BioSafe cleanrooms.

The Hybrid Cleanroom also offers the economy of a softwall room, making it an affordable way to house contamination-sensitive parts and processes in any industry. Fluorescent light(s), ceiling panels and fan/filter unit(s) are included.

Hybrid Cleanroom
  Cat. # Price
8 feet 6601-46 call TUI
  Frame and Grid: Powder-coated steel: 2" square tube uprights and frame; 1"-diameter stainless steel panel tensioning rods
  Panels: Anti-static PVC, 40 mil
Control Panel: On/Off switch for FFUs and Lights; -2.5"/0"/+2.5"WC differential pressure gauge (monitors internal room pressure)
Fan/Filter Units: High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) rated 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 micron particles or Ultra-Low Penetration Air (ULPA) rated 99.999% efficient @ 0.12 micron particles (order separately to meet desired cleanliness rating)
Lighting: 2" x 4", 4-tube fluorescent fixture, 3409 candlepower, 120W, 120-277VAC (0rder desired quantity separately)
Ceiling Panels: Polypropylene (order separately to complete ceiling grid)

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Calculating Clean Room Cleanliness: How many FFUs and Lights?
This tutorial provides practical tips for correlating the desired cleanliness level (per ISO/FS209 standards) to the required number of fan/filter units (FFUs). Also provides guidelines for specifying lights based on the type of operations being conducted.
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