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Cleanroom Installation, Testing, Certification and Other Support Services

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Modular Cleanroom Installation and Testing
Time Lapse of a modular hardwall cleanroom being erected and tested prior to shipping.

Installation Installation
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testing Testing
Filter leak test CFM test
Testing Testing
Air speed test Particle test
Terra supports your project from pre-sales consultation to final validation

1. Design and Engineering
Based on pre-sales consultations, Terra application specialists first recommend environmental control modules for your user requirement specifications, including ISO/Fed Std 209E cleanliness rating, temperature, humidity, static neutralization, sterilization, chemical vapor removal, and hazard containment.

Using latest-generation design and modeling software, we provide a complete set of drawings for your review and approval. Upon request, Terra also generates 3D animated renderings that allow virtual walk-through of your facility before fabrication begins, one more tool to ensure your design fits your needs.

2. Fabrication
Once drawings are approved, Terra performs all fabrication at its Fullerton, CA manufacturing facility, using pre-engineered modular components for optimal speed and efficiency. Finished modular cleanrooms are assembled and tested at Terra before packaging and shipping.

3. Installation
Terra technicians perform complete installation at your facility nearly anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we provide advisory technicians who can direct your own team of installers. Complete installation manuals, which include comprehensive pre-installation guidelines to assist in site preparation, in many cases enable you to perform installation yourself.

Because Terra modular cleanrooms are freestanding structures that do not need external supports or bracing, they are generally classified as electrical/mechanical equipment and exempted from local permitting requirements. However, codes vary from location to location, and Terra will assist you in meeting local electrical, seismic or fire safety requirements communicated to us when your order is placed.

4. Testing and Air Balancing
Terra provides a variety of testing services at our facility. Upon request, Terra develops detailed Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation tailored to the unique design of your cleanroom.

We also arrange for third-party testing and analysis of critical cleanroom performance:

  • Particle counts (Fed-Std 209D and ISO 14644-1)
  • Filter leak tests and air change rates (IEST)
  • Air pressure balancing (FDA cGMP/GGP)
  • Air Flow Volume (cfm) and speed (ft/min)
  • Seismic analysis and bracing

5. Certification
Upon request, Terra provides third-party certification and agency listings: UL, ETL, CE, CSA
Call for a quotation on services tailored to your requirements!

(order above) Cat. # Price
3D Modeling/Animation 9999-39 Call TUI
Specify location and labor provided
9998-10 call TUI
Cleanroom Performance
Specify validation criteria (e.g., FDA cGMP/GGP) or IQ/OQ requirement
9999-47 Call TUI
Seismic Analysis 6600-98 Call TUI
Air Balancing
Based on FFU configuration, pressure requirements
9999-48 Call TUI
Specify agency listing required
9999-49 Call TUI
CE Mark 9999-50 Call TUI

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video USP Cleanroom Construction
Time-lapse video showing the installation of a 6' x 10' USP 797 multi-chamber cleanroom. Swing door, windows, flooring, control panel, and ceiling components, including fan/filter units and lighting, are shown.
Video On-Site Hardwall Cleanroom Installation
Video showing installation of a hardwall, modular cleanroom at a customer site. The room is tested at the factory, then shipped overseas to be installed. Framing, paneling and utilities are assembled according to the customer specifications.
Video Modular BioSafe® Hardwall Cleanroom
Installation of a double-wall modular steel cleanrooms, that are ideal for bio/pharmaceutical applications requiring an aseptic environment that stands up to harsh chemicals used for cleaning. This video steps you through the cleanroom's features.
Video Installation Test of a Modular Hardwall Cleanroom
Time-lapse video of a multi-chamber modular hardwall cleanroom being erected and tested prior to shipping. The steps cover preparation, framing, panel placement, and A/C return ducting installation.
Video Modular BioSafe® Cleanroom Installation Test
Time-lapse installation of a modular BioSafe steel cleanroom with windows, an exit swing door, entryway airshower and 50% ceiling coverage of fan/filter units.
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