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Cleanroom Talk-Throughs

Cleanroom Talk-Through
  • Ideal for cleanrooms, laboratory and hospital isolation areas, and other restricted environments
  • Mounts on 7.75" (197 mm)-diameter cut-out (custom installation panels available for other cut-out requirements)
  • Mechanical model features overlapping clear polycarbonate diaphragms for clear communication and visibility

Terra's Cleanroom Talk-Throughs give you a clear line of communication into your cleanroom. Noncontaminating materials and construction techniques ensure cleanroom compatibility.

The standard mechanical model features a clean plastic frame and a combination of transparent polycarbonate and mylar diaphragms. It allows workers on both sides of a cleanroom wall to communicate freely, thereby reducing the need to enter the cleanroom or to rely on a cleanroom telephone.

The unit is easy to mount in either a standard cleanroom wall or a Terra hardwall modular cleanroom. It requires a 7.75" (197 mm)-diameter cut-out and six screws. The solid thin-mylar diaphragm seals the opening to hold the positive internal air pressure. Max. outside diameter: 10" (254 mm). Diameter of grille: 6.5" (165 mm). Screw hole pattern: 7.25" (184 mm).

Cleanroom Talk Through
  Cat. # Price
Cleanroom Talk Through 5050-50 $ 272

Smart Cleanroom™ Pushbutton Intercom

A pushbutton intercom allows personnel to easily communicate with anyone inside of the cleanroom without having to enter the controlled environment. Rather than going through the hassle of gowning or risking additional particle contamination of the cleanroom, personnel can quickly and efficiently communicate important information or provide status updates, streamlining communication and optimizing workflow.

Smart Cleanroom™ Pushbutton Intercom
  Cat. # Price
Pushbutton Intercom 2635-89 $ 974

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Cleanroom Talk-Through: Doc. # 1800-67
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