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Clean Room Truss
For spans up to 60 feet

Cleanrooms that measure more than 20 feet wide require internal or external reinforcement. As an alternative to installing pillars or weight-bearing walls, support larger modular cleanrooms or equipment enclosures with Terra's steel truss system. Feel confident that your spacious critical area will be supported even with 100% fan/filter unit ceiling coverage.

The length of the modular room is only limited by your facility size and budget. White powder-coated steel posts are embedded into the floor every 20 feet on opposing sides of the room. The 6" x 6" square columns are made of ¼"-thick steel with a height to match your room elevation. Powder-coated steel trusses attach to the posts and form the framework for your enclosure.

Steel suspension cables connect the modular-enclosure ceiling grid to the trusse(s) above the room, transferring weight burden to the steel frame. Trusses, made of 2" x 2" x 0.125"-thick square steel tubes, are 4-feet high and cables are approximately 12" long, so add those measurements to the cleanroom height for necessary overall height clearance. The stabilizing footers are placed down into the floor at a minimum of three feet.

Call a Terra Product Specialist to discuss your oversized room design and installation details. 

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