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Modular Cleanroom Selection Guide

Specify the right design for your application.  

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Hardwall or Softwall Cleanrooms
Full-View Plastic Panel

All-Steel BioSafe® Modular Cleanrooms

Hardwall or Softwall Clean Rooms Hardwall or Softwall Clean Rooms All-Steel BioSafe<sup>®</sup> Modular Clean Rooms All-Steel BioSafe<sup>®</sup> Modular Clean Rooms

Hardwall Cleanrooms — Select transparent acrylic*, dissipative PVC, polycarbonate, or polypropylene panels, which mount either externally or internally to create smooth, easy-clean surfaces. All-steel support frame for strength and easy installation - requires no external bracing.

*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Softwall Cleanrooms — Many panel options, including anti-static vinyl and clear or frosted strip shields. All-steel supports available with casters.

The most effective design for bio-tech and pharmaceutical applications.

304/316 stainless or powder-coated steel construction resists most solvents, disinfectants and other cleaning solutions. Radius corners and raised, drained flooring available for disinfectant wash-down. Configure as a positive- or negative-pressure room, with A/C and humidity control.

Double-Wall, Raised-floor Plastic Cleanrooms

Ventilation Cleanroom

Double-Wall, Raised-floor Plastic Clean Rooms Double-Wall, Raised-floor Plastic Clean Rooms Ventilation Room Ventilation Room
Ideal for applications that require raised flooring for true laminar flow. Double-wall structure allows air to circulate through the inter-wall plenum, increasing filtration and A/C efficiency. Ideal for safe removal of fine powders or chemical vapors. Adjustable ceiling ventilator draws air upward through HEPA filters and/or exhaust ductwork. Inlet filters ensure a clean working environment. Available for plastic or all-steel cleanrooms.

Powder-Containment Cleanroom

Negative-Pressure Cleanrooms

Powder-Containment Clean Room Powder-Containment Clean Room Powder-Containment Clean Room Powder-Containment Clean Room
Air recirculation zone draws powders away from work station into a dual HEPA filtration system that protects both product and personnel. Adjustable air handler creates overall negative pressure to protect the external environment. Ceiling fan/filter units create laminar flow of particle-free air. Exhaust ductwork along the floor and adjustable air handlers create overall negative pressure to protect external environment from pharmaceutical powders and biohazards. 

BSL Explanation

Clean Room Set-up Optimization

Terra Universal's Value Advantage

Facility Optimization—Create the production environment you require without the expense or disruption of a major fab upgrade! Expand or reconfigure as your requirements change.

Unsurpassed Cleanliness—Filtration and ventilation efficiency required to meet the most rigorous cleanliness standards. Independently certified Class 1.

Hardwall, Softwall, and AirLock Designs—A style for every requirement, schedule, and budget!

Comprehensive Environmental Controls—over particulates, humidity, temperature, and ESD (electrostatic discharge)

Industry-leading Quality—Over 20 years of engineering and manufacturing experience and latest-generation CNC equipment provide standardized quality you can count on.

Certified Designs and Fabrication Techniques—Terra Universal has received independent certification as a Cleanroom Manufacturing Specialist.

Delivered to Your Production Schedule—Terra Universal understands the critical importance of timely delivery and works closely with you to accommodate tight schedules. Expanded QuickShip configurations provide a wide variety of "need it now!" cleanrooms.

Turnkey Purchasing: Terra universal's Value Advantage
No one shopping for a car would think of sourcing out the thousands of automobile components separately. Why should it be any different with a Modular Cleanroom?

Terra Universal's integrated design and manufacturing know-how lets you specify not just a clean work environment, but a total production solution:

  • Application-Appropriate Environment—Over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience in all areas of environmental control: particles, humidity, static, temperature.
  • Work Stations—ergonomic, space-saving, ultra-clean designs, including laminar flow and exhaust purification systems.
  • Storage Solutions—from wall-mount and benchtop dry boxes to high-volume automated stockers.
  • Gowning Area Furnishings—from the recognized industry leader in change room design and garbing protocol.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video On-Site Hardwall Cleanroom Installation
Video showing installation of a hardwall, modular cleanroom at a customer site. The room is tested at the factory, then shipped overseas to be installed. Framing, paneling and utilities are assembled according to the customer specifications.
Video Modular Cleanrooms for Nutraceutical Outsource Manufacturing
This video shows how Terra's modular cleanrooms can be used to create an economical nutraceutical manufacturing environment inside of your typical industrial facility. The layout features 16 ISO-classified cleanroom spaces that are connected to the building's HVAC system for humidity control and personnel comfort.
White Paper (PDF) Cutting Cleanroom Costs
A few simple modifications to your cleanroom can increase efficiency, boost performance and slash operating expenses. Read about the steps you can take to optimize your controlled-environment facility.
Tech Resource (PDF) ISO Cleanroom Standards and Federal Standard 209E
Understand the international ISO cleanliness standards (ISO 4, ISO 5, ISO 6, etc.) and how they correlate to the U.S. Fed-Std 209E designations (Class 10, Class 100, Class 1000, etc.). This guide also discusses other key cleanroom recommendations on cleanroom air change and velocity rates, clean room ceiling fan coverage, positive vs. negative internal cleanroom air pressure, and laminar vs. turbulent air flow.
Tech Resource (PDF) Calculating Clean Room Cleanliness: How many FFUs and Lights?
This tutorial provides practical tips for correlating the desired cleanliness level (per ISO/FS209 standards) to the required number of fan/filter units (FFUs). Also provides guidelines for specifying lights based on the type of operations being conducted.
Drawing (PDF) Gowning Room Design
Recommendations on gowning room configuration and equipment locations to support proper gowning protocol while making efficient use of floor space.
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