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Modular Office Space & Modular Rooms

modular office
Create a clean, enclosed office space quickly and conveniently. Shown here: three 12' walls of clear acrylic with polypropylene modesty panels plus optional sliding door and A/C Mounting Kit (cat. # 6601-92).
  • Flexible design of free-standing modular office space
  • Fast and economical; no permits required
  • Constructed on any floor; can use existing wall(s)
  • Acrylic or dissipative PVC hardwall panels allow full visibility
  • Optional polypropylene opaque modesty panels create a more private work space
  • Select options to enhance the space, such as lighting or humidity control
  • Convert your space into a clean/controlled environment with other Terra accessories
Terra’s modular room components allow fast, economical installation of custom office space anywhere in your facility. Starting from the powder-coated stainless steel frame, select enclosure walls that are fully-visible (acrylic* or dissipative PVC) in heights up to 12 feet, floor to ceiling. For a more private work space, incorporate polypropylene modesty panels.

Add features to enhance the office, such as acrylic floor panels and a swing door. With the addition of a few accessories, turn the space into a clean environment! Terra can design freestanding rooms or structures that bolt to existing wall(s): 2 walls, 3 walls or 4 walls.

*Acrylic walls are the more economical choice, but not suitable for static control.

2-sided paneled cleanroom 3-sided paneled cleanroom 4-sided paneled cleanroom
Two-sided office installed against an existing corner Three-sided office installed against an existing wall. Four-sided free-standing office

Call us to discuss your requirements! What could be more convenient than a room you install in hours and plug into a single 120V power outlet?

Modular Office Type Cat. # Price
With modesty panels
20’ x 10’ x 10’H acrylic with polypropylene modesty panels and powder-coated steel frame 6601-92 Call TUI
Without modesty panels
20’ x 10’ x 10’H acrylic with powder-coated steel frame 6601-90 Call TUI
20’ x 10’ x 10’H dissipative PVC with powder-coated steel frame 6601-91 Call TUI
12-ft walls of clear acrylic
Three 12' walls of clear acrylic with options: sliding door, A/C Mounting Klt, and three fluorescent lights (cat. # 6601-90).

Modular Office Accessories

AC Mounting Kit
Air conditioning unit mounting kit provides strong rigid support for placement of an air conditioner. The kit contains two cross-member bars with self-tapping screws for easy installation in a location of your choice.

Description Cat. # Price
AC Mounting Kit: Powder-Coated Stainless Steel 6601-94 $ 253

Other Accessories
Doors Door options such as swing or sliding fllor mats Control mats & floor
, also available as static-dissipative
Humidifier Humidifiers & De-humidifiers for a moisture-controlled environment Ceiling Modual Lighting, including energy- and space-saving options

Ceiling Panel covers 2' x 4' ceiling bays not occupied by fans or lights

poser control modual Power Distribution Module (PDM)—Terra meets your space needs using a modular power system. This is required for any of the electrical features below that you may wish to add.    

Cleanroom Accessories
Further optimize your office space with these cleanroom features.
FAn/Filter Unit Fan/Filter units (FFU) incorporating HEPA or ULPA filters for particle ionizing bar Ionizing bars neutralize surface static charges, protecting sensitive materials
Exhaust Fan Exhaust Fans and Ventilators for maintenance of air pressure:    

Technical Resources
Hardwall Cleanroom
  • Hardwall selection guidelines—is acrylic or dissipative PVC the better choice for my application? Click here to find out.
  • See a closer comparison of acrylic and static-dissipative PVC.
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