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Observation Port

An interchangeable polycarbonate insert
transforms Terra’s standard glove port
into a custom observation window
Terra’s Observation Port transforms the standard convertible glove port into a fully sealed, custom window that can provide unique views into process enclosures and other controlled environments.  The interchangeable inserts allow the port to be easily modified, offering maximum flexibility for evolving work processes and future needs.
  • 10” port assemblies are constructed of durable ABS plastic
  • Bolt-on design allows for quick installation in walls up to 0.25” thick
  • Elastomeric O-rings create an airtight seal with the mounting surface

The Observation Port requires no special framing, construction adhesives, welding, or sealants, making installation easy compared to other types of wall penetrations. Simply cut a smooth circle in the mounting surface and use the retaining ring as a guide to drill the holes for the fasteners. Once the base assembly has been installed, all other components and inserts can be attached (or detached) as needed without removing the base assembly from the wall.

Ordering Information

Observation ports can be retrofitted to existing walls to offer unique viewpoints

Observation Port

A polycarbonate insert allows personnel to safely observe processes within equipment enclosures or sealed rooms, without the need to install an entire window and frame.  Polycarbonate offers greater resistance to isopropyl alcohol than acrylic inserts.

Observation Port
Material Cat. # Price
304 Stainless Steel 1695-31-2 $ 557


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