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Portable Particle or Fume Containment Room
Contains your dirtiest operations to protect your cleanest ones!

Rapid-install room isolates dirty maintenance or construction operations inside a cleanroom;
HEPA fan/filterunits trap dust, and charcoal filters remove fumes, to allow non-contaminating air release.
Shown mounted in ceiling (side-mounting provides more localized dust removal; see illustration below).

cULus logo Wafer/CE
Fan/filter units below are UL and UL-Canadian listed. CE-marked models available; inquire when ordering.
Features Key

A 40 mil vinyl panels isolate dirty operations to protectd external environment
B Contamination site: particle- or fume-generating process contained inside enclosure
C HEPA Fan/Filter Units (FFUs) or charcoal filters mounted on support frame for exhaust filtration
D Entry: parting panels or optional swing door
  Casters enhance portability

Modular design makes this inexpensive containment enclosure fast and easy to relocate

Terra’s Particle Containment Rooms offer several cost-effective solutions to temporary manufacturing or maintenance operations that could otherwise shut down your cleanroom. Charcoal filters with Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) panels remove non-hazardous chemical odors, providing additional personnel protection.

Available in several design configurations, these rooms provide economical containment of dust generated inside the cleanroom. Easy to set up and tear down with minimal disruption of cleanroom operations, their anti-static, flame-resistant vinyl panels create a temporary barrier between dirty and clean operations.

Rack- or ceiling-mounted HEPA filter/fan units ventilate the containment area, trapping 99.99% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger. These low-profile filtration units can be installed at any point along the Containment Room perimeter and keep dust away from the operator or other sensitive materials inside the containment enclosure. Select chemical fume module to remove non-hazardous chemical odors.

Containment Room Types Specify the room style to suit your application. Other sizes and filter configurations available; call to discuss your application.

  Portable Containment Room
Containment Room Style: 40 mil anti-static vinyl panels mounted to powder-coated steel support frame; optional steel bar at floor level maintains negative pressure containment*
Nomirnal Outside Dimensions 8’W x 6’D x 8’H (frame only; ceiling components add to height)
Entry Type Panel gap (optional swing door may be ordered separately)
Lighting LED light panel (order separately)
Call for other sizes or configurations! Cat. # Price
6604-50A call TUI
* Rack-mounted Fan/Filter Units required for negative pressure (order below).

System Options Cat. # Price
Frameless Swing Door
36"W x 81"H. Ideal for Pressure-Safe models. Includes frame; specify desired room height between 8' and 9' when ordering.
6710-32 Call TUI
Acrylic 6710-33 Call TUI
Fan/Filter Unit Support Frame
Positions up to two Fan/Filter Units for horizontal flow of micro-filtered air.
6604-60 Call TUI
Fan/Filter Unit
2' x 4' powder-coated steel housing, HEPA filter and pre-filter, 120VAC, 60Hz; configured for ventilation
6601-24-H $ 776
LED Light Panel
Mounts in ceiling grid; provides 4500 lumens. Includes power supply.
3800-41A $ 316
Floor Mounting Kit
Includes powder-coated steel flat bars with anchoring holes to hold curtain panels snugly to floor, allowing negative pressure containment (sized for 8'W x 6'D room)
6604-41-0608 Call TUI
Cleanroom Casters (included)
Stainless steel swivel casters feature nonshedding polyurethane wheels. Capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg.) each. Order one per vertical post. Price includes installation. Casters raise the frame 7.125" (181 mm). If casters are ordered, the frame will be made shorter to keep the floor to filter face dimension to specification.
CAUTION: Casters are intended to allow movement only on smooth floors and require that personnel support each cleanroom upright during motion.
wheel caster
6" (152 mm) -diameter
locking caster

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