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Powder Containment Modular Cleanroom Booth

The ideal enclosure for pharmaceutical –
* Purity testing * Weighing * Packaging * Chemical analysis
Features Key
  Standard   Option
A Status Indicator Lights: Glow to indicate FFUs are operational; flash when FFUs are off   D Strip shield entry accommodates bulky containers
B CleanZone HEPA-filtered module draws chemical powders away from operator for recirculation through a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter   E Double-wall stainless steel panels with rounded interior corners feature smooth, easy-sterilize surfaces (powder-coated or 304/316L stainless steel)
C Fluorescent lights     Other options include vacuum, DI water and gas utilities

304 Stainless Steel Powder Containment Room
304 Stainless Steel Powder Containment Room, shown with optional Magnahelic Differential Pressure Gauge
Containment Room with Rear-mount manifold
Rear-mount manifold draws air away from work area into ceiling HEPA filter unit

Cleanroom Client List
Dozens of customers for
Terra modular cleanrooms
  • Recirculation module creates a HEPA-filtered clean zone
  • Rear-mounted air vents draw air and powders away from operator and work area
  • Rear manifold recirculates air through inlet HEPA filters to ensure a continuous wash of particle-free air to the work area
  • Air conditioning and dehumidification modules maintain precise environmental conditions
  • Broad access area, with parting vinyl strip shields, allows easy access, even pallet loading of large container
  • BioSafe® all-steel construction ensures a strong, freestanding structure that is easy to clean and sterilize
  • Add ceiling filter/fan units to meet cleanroom conditions throughout the room
  • Available in 304/316L stainless or powder-coated steel

Terra's Powder Containment Room combines many benefits of a modular cleanroom, including a filtration system that maintains cleanliness levels to Class 100 (ISO 5).

Unlike conventional cleanrooms, it features a versatile air handling system that lets you configure the working space for your requirements.

Neutral Pressure Room: 100% Air Recirculation (Fig. A Below)

Configured as a neutral pressure room, this system ensures 100% recirculation of exhausted air.*

An outlet filter/blower module recessed in the wall at the rear of the processing area draws air away from the operator into dual HEPA outlet filters, which capture airborne chemical powder. These filters can be discarded or processed for chemical reclamation.

Outlet air then passes through a make-up air duct and back into the ceiling filter/fan unit mounted on the ceiling. Filtered air flows downward from above the work area at a speed of about 90 feet/minute (0.5 m/s), in accordance with cleanroom standards.

Positive Pressure Room: Fan/Filter Units (Fig. B Below)

This additional protection optimizes product purity by controlling airborne aerosols, microbes, and other submicron particles.

Ceiling fan/filter units (FFUs) create a positive pressure inside the room that blocks the inrush of contaminants. FFUs can be positioned at the access area to form a contamination barrier, or uniformly throughout the ceiling grid to create laminar airflow.

Negative Pressure Room: Exhaust Ventilation (Fig. C Below)

For additional protection of personnel inside the room, the CleanZone Recirculation System lets you adjust the percentage of air recirculated into the containment room.*

By exhausting a portion of the air drawn into the filtration system, you create a negative pressure that pulls air away from the operator. A flanged adapter panel, either with or without adjustable damper, lets you duct exhausted air to an in-house ventilation system. Terra's Air Handling Modules include a high-volume fan and filter for ductless ventilation.

* The CleanZone Ventilation System is designed to draw environmental nuisances away from personnel inside the Powder Containment Room. It is NOT designed to protect personnel against biohazards. Regulated hazardous materials should not be used inside this system.

Modular Design Adjusts to Your Requirements —
Neutral Pressure Room
airflow chart
A* Filter/fan unit (HEPA or ULPA)
B Return duct directs air flow away from operator
C* Exit filters (HEPA or ULPA)
D* Filter/Fan Units – create positive pressure of filtered air (order separately)
E* Air Handler – exhausts air to create a negative pressure (order separately)

* Order preferred option separately

Fig. A. Neutral Pressure Room: Protects Outside Lab
CleanZone Recirculation system creates a HEPA-filtered clean zone that captures hazardous powders, protecting the external environment against nuisance powders.
Positive Pressure Room   Negative Pressure Room
Fig. B. Positive Pressure Room: Protects Product
Addition of ceiling HEPA filter/fan units creates a positive pressure of filtered air, providing enhanced protection of product against airborne nuisances.
Fig. C. Negative Pressure Room: Protects Personnel
Optional Air Handling Module expels air to create a negative pressure that draws air away from personnel. Can be operated with or without ceiling filter/fan units.

Ordering Information
Use the catalog numbers at right to indicate the cleanroom material for your application. Each system includes a BioSafe® all-steel room manufactured to the floor plan you specify, including ceiling grid. Select one or more CleanZone Recirculation Systems (see specifications). Unless otherwise specified, this system is mounted at the center wall opposite the access opening, with filters mounted 33" (838 mm) above floor. Specify multiple zones for larger rooms.

A four-foot (1219 mm) opening on the shorter wall accommodates one of Terra’s standard door options. Standard height is 7' (2134 mm) from filter face to floor (8'3", 2530 mm, overall, including filter/fan units), allowing placement beneath standard 9' (2743 mm) ceilings. Indicate other desired heights.

Powder Containment Rooms
Material Cat. # Price
Powder-Coated Steel 6600-75 Call TUI
304 Stainless Steel 6600-76 Call TUI
316L Stainless Steel 6600-77 Call TUI

CleanZone Recirculation System
Includes exhaust filter housing, ductwork, and FFU adapter collar, and adjustable fresh air damper. Order outlet filters (2) and FFU separately. Not for use with biohazardous materials.
Select Desired Filter Configuration
Stacked Filter   Side-by-Side Filter
Stacked Filter Configuration   Side-by-Side Filter Configuration
Filtration Zone: 27.75"W x 27"H (705 x 686 mm)
Order (2) exit filters and filter/fan unit separately.
  Filtration Zone: 59.5"W x 13"H (1511x 330 mm)
Order (2) exit filters and filter/fan unit separately.
Cat. # Price
$ 2,174
Cat. # Price
$ 2,174
CleanZone Recirculation System Specifications
Power: 115VAC, 50/60Hz;
230VAC, 50Hz also available
Airflow: 650 CFM, 1105 m³/hr, (with HEPA filter) though fan/filter units
Exhaust Air Speed: 115 feet per minute (0.6 m/s) average into exhaust filters
Filters: (2) 99.99% efficient HEPA (rated @ 0.3µm particle diameter) or 99.999 efficient ULPA (rated @ 0.3µm particle diameter)
Exhaust Manifold: Aluminum with 304 stainless steel trim
Fan/Filter Units
2' x 4'
610 mm x 1219 mm
Power Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
6601-24-H $ 776 6601-24-U $ 876
6601-24-H-220 $ 854 6601-24-U-220 $ 964
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More Fan/Filter Unit information
Outlet Filters (2 required per CleanZone Module)
W" x D" x H"
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
27.75 x 13 x 3
(705 x 330 x 76)
1681-02 $ 404 1681-10 $ 472

Fluorescent Light Modules
Fluorescent Light Modules (6)
Power HEPA
Cat. # Price
115VAC, 60Hz
230VAC, 50Hz
3800-80 Call TUI
Other Models
Exhaust Flange Adapter Panel
Inches (mm)
With Damper Without Damper
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
6 (152)
6600-78 $ 358 6600-81 $ 406
12 (305)
6600-79 $ 382 6600-82 $ 432
18 (457) 6600-80 $ 403 6600-83 $ 450
3" (76 mm) stainless steel flange available in several diameters to allow connection of exhaust duct. Select model with damper to adjust airflow.

Magnehelic pressure gaugeMAGNEHELIC® Differential Pressure Gauge
Provides an ideal way of monitoring the positive pressure differential required for effective contamination control inside a hardwall Modular Cleanroom.

Exclusive MAGNEHELIC principle eliminates wear, backlash and hysteresis. Available in many pressure ranges. Price includes installation.

Cat. # Price
$ 416

Work Benches
Terra manufactures cleanroom work benches with stainless steel, laminate, and polypropylene tops.

Duplex Power Outlets
Includes wiring (up to a 30', 9.1 m, run from ceiling junction box) and installation of one UL-approved outlet box, in conformance with NEC specifications.

Cat. # Price
110VAC, 50/60Hz 6704-33 $ 247
220VAC, 50/60Hz 6704-34 $ 277

PHOTOHELIC® GaugeOperates like the MAGNEHELIC gauge above, but includes a pressure switch that activates a buzzer to indicate when the Fan/Filter Unit needs replacing. Price includes installation.
Cat. # Price
6600-87 $ 664

IonBar™ Ionizing Bar with FFU Installation Kit
The IonBar generates a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to neutralize surface static charges, protecting sensitive parts against ESD and eliminating surface attractions that make cleaning difficult. Its low-voltage design is intrinsically safe and minimizes EMI/RFI. Includes installation kit for easy attachment to fan/filter units (order separately), which disseminate ions throughout the cleanroom.
For FFU Size
Feet, No. of emitters
For 120VAC,
For 220VAC,
50/60 Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
2 x 4, 8
(610 x 1219)
2005-49 $ 781 2005-49-220 $ 790
2 x 3, 6
(610 x 914)
2005-48 $ 681 2005-48-220 $ 693
2 x 2, 4
(610 x 610)
2005-47 $ 781 2005-47-220 $ 781

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File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Powder Containment Room: Doc. # 1800-81
Installation, operation and maintenance are detailed in this helpful user guide. Learn about the powder containment room, as well as components, such as fan/filter units that help keep the room functional.
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