1. BioSafe Frameless Tempered Single Glass Window

    Cleanroom Windows

    Framed or frameless flush-mount windows; single or double-sided construction available with a variety of window pane materials

    149 Products

    149 Products

  2. Stainless Steel CleanSeam Pass-Through Chamber

    Mechanical Pass Through Chambers

    Browse pass-through chambers made of plastic and stainless steel, featuring mechanical interlock systems. See how you can expand system capabilities!

    General Use Pass-Through Chamber

    Don't risk operational delays or cleanroom shutdown because of a damaged door!
    Terra's pass-through chambers last indefinitely, much longer than our standard product revision cycle. Pass-Through doors, however, are subject to damage, and ordering a legacy replacement can be costly and disrupt cleanroom operation. To avoid these problems, order replacements at the time you purchase the pass-through chamber; simply add “-RH” (for right-side hinge) or “-LH” (for left-side hinge) to the part number of the chamber.

    Shutting the Door on Contamination
    These Pass-Through Chambers cut down significantly on traffic and contamination by providing a better, safer way to transfer equipment and paperwork.

    304 Stainless steel or powder-coated steel pass-throughs ensure clean operation. For especially stringent particle requirements, select an UltraClean™ electropolished 304 stainless steel pass-through.

    Polypropylene and PVC models are suitable for chemical pass-through applications, and Static-Dissipative PVC models combine excellent chemical resistance with a surface resistivity of about 107ohms/square for enhanced static and particle control. Each model features viewing windows of a compatible material.

    Doors on either side are outfitted with an automatic mechanical interlock that allows only one door at a time to open. The no-maintenance interlock has no power, gas, or other facility requirement, so it continues to operate when other systems shut down. It engages at the same time the latch is lifted to open the door; no additional hands-on manual steps are required.

    Access Clearances 
    Width = W (nominal) – 1.88”
    Depth = D (nominal)* – 0.12”
    Height = H (nominal) – 1.25”
    * Subtract 0.5” for plastic chambers. Each door adds 0.5” to nominal depth.
    Standard Pass-Through Mounting
    All models include mounting brackets (stainless or powder-coated steel) and required hardware. Mounting brackets require 0.25” (6 mm) clearance between the wall cut-out and the pass-through. Standard mounting is 2” (51 mm) from the front of the cleanroom side (specify other desired location).
    Wall Cut-Out = W (nominal) +0.5” x H (nominal) + 0.5”
    Pass-Through Chamber Support Brackets
    Order optional support brackets for wall-mount pass-through chambers that are 36"D or larger. They support the weight of the pass-through, and are designed to allow chambers to protrude 2" (51mm) on the cleanroom side. Indicate other desired position when ordering.

    246 Products

    246 Products

  3. Stainless steel cleanroom door

    Cleanroom Doors

    Cleanroom doors are available in swing and sliding configurations, including fire-rated construction and automatic openers for hands-free operation

    198 Products

    198 Products

  4. Smart Pass-Through Chamber with Models

    Electronic Pass Through Chambers

    Make your pass-through part of your production line! Electronic options include refrigeration, HEPA-filtration, UV sterilization, biometric scanning, and much more!

    64 Products

    64 Products

  5. Laboratory Fume Hoods

    Fume & Exhaust Hoods

    Contaminated air can be vented to an outside exhaust system or purified by passing through carbon/HEPA filtration for indoor release (ducted vs ductless)

    250 Products

    250 Products

  6. Epoxy Lab Casework


    Trespa, epoxy and laminate counter tops with heavy-duty shelving systems and steel cabinets; customized systems with sinks, eye wash stations and reagent racks available

    13 Products

    13 Products

  7. Stainless Steel Convenience Window with Swing Door and Shelf

    Pass Through Doors & Windows

    Transfer documents and small parts into a lab or medical clinic. Controls access and minimizes foot traffic in sensitive areas.

    41 Products

    41 Products

  8. Air Shower Tunnel With Model

    Air Showers

    These self-contained air showers and tunnels provide high-velocity, HEPA-filtered air streams to dislodge and remove particles from personnel and equipment before entering the cleanroom.

    126 Products

    126 Products

  9. Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers

    Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers

    Designed for transferring tall carts or large equipment into a cleanroom on a regular basis.

    14 Products

    14 Products

  10. Hand Washer and Dryer

    Hand Washers & Dryers

    Hand Cleaners and Dryers from Terra Universal provide hand washing, sanitizing solutions and HEPA-filtered dryers that comply with cleanroom protocol.

    79 Products

    79 Products

  11. Cleanroom Conversion

    Cleanroom Wall & Ceiling Grid Conversions

    Convert an existing office space into an ISO-classified cleanroom using specialized cleanroom wall paneling and ceiling grids.

    19 Products

    19 Products

  12. Cleanroom HEPA or ULPA Fan Filter Unit

    Fan Filter Units

    HEPA and ULPA Fan/Filter Units (FFUs) in many designs: low-energy EC motors, room side-replaceable, explosion-proof, reverse-flow, ducted, heated, charcoal-filtered and more!

    179 Products

    179 Products

  13. Cleanroom Control Panel

    Control Panels & Power Distribution

    Cleanroom control panels available with fan filter speed controls, night service setting and other system enhancements. Power Distribution Modules speed up cleanroom installation, protect critical power circuits, and allow fast, easy cleanliness upgrades.

    22 Products

    22 Products

  14. Cleanroom Fluorescent Light Panels

    Lights & Panels

    Upgrade your cleanroom ceiling with new light fixtures (LED or fluorescent) and ceiling panels in different materials.

    39 Products

    39 Products

  15. Cleanroom Certification and Testing


    Equipment validation, certification, calibration, installation, seismic analysis, order expediting, and consultation services

    13 Products

    13 Products

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Features and Benefits

Roomside Replaceable Fan Filter Unit

Roomside replaceable filters are replaced in minutes from inside the enclsoure, eliminating a ceiling breach or cleanroom shut-down; gel-sealed filter seats securely against knife-edge on blower housing, and baffling ensures uniform face velocity.

WhisperFlow Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit

WhiperFlow Fan FIlter Units feature internal baffling and an aluminum diffuser that provide uniform air speed across the filter face for ISO-compliant laminar flow of HEPA or ULPA-filtered air.

High-Speed Roll-Up Door Pass-Through

High-speed roll-up door pass-throughs use interlocked doors that open in under four seconds and minimize cross-contamination; a bypass function allows both doors to open for maintenance and cleaning

CleanMount™ Quick Install System

Clean-Mount™ design allows pass-through installation flush against the cleanroom wall in a few minutes, without screwing into the wall; mounting brackets clamp flush against walls of any thickness.

Smart Biosafe® Pass-Through Electronic Door Interlock

Smart Biosafe® Pass-Throughs include visible/audible door status alerts: red light and chimes indicate opposing door open (interlock engaged); green light means door available for use. Smart add-ons expand capabilties: LED/UV light, access control, air shower, more!

CleanMount® Isolated Interlock Simplifies Cleaning!

Double-wall construction allows interlock installation outside of the main transfer chamber, leaving unobstructed, smooth interior surfaces that wipe down easily - ideal for critical bio/pharmaceutical processing.

Smart Fan Filter Unit with EC Motor

Smart WhisperFlow® Fan Filter Units are quiet, energy-efficient and easily adjustable, either manually or via automatic smart console, for centralized fan speed control and cleanroom pressure balancing.

Germicidal UV Lamp Sanitizes Labs, Cleanrooms

UV-C Germicidal Lamp installs on a cleanroom ceiling grid for line-of-sight room disinfection; safety occupancy sensor prevents personnel exposure.

Air Flow Uniformity

Unique WhisperFlow® FFU baffling system and anodized diffuser plate promote uniform air speed across the filter face.

BioSafe Frameless Single Tempered-Glass Window

Frameless design is as stylish as it is clean! Shown: 47” x 36” BioSafe powder-coated cleanroom window flush-mounted in a BioSafe Cleanroom with FRP finish.

Framed BioSafe Window

Framed design encases window panes with 304 Stainless Steel frame on the exterior. Flush-mount design minimizes crevices where contaminants can collect.

Cleanroom Fire-Rated Doors

UL-listed fire-rated door with wired-glass window, shown with optional mortise locking mechanism and hinges installed. SIngle- and double-door designs available.

Frameless Door Stainless Steel Jambs and Header

Left-Hand Reverse Polycarbonate Frameless Door with Stainless Steel Jambs and Header, including concealed closure (specify other desired swing or door panel material).

ARCAT BIM Info, Drawings & Specs

Search Terra Universal’s ARCAT for BIM info, CAD drawings & Specifications

For Contractors & Architects

  • Smart Pass-Through Chamber with Models Smart Pass-Through Chamber
  • Control Panel for Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms Control Panel for Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms
  • CleanMount BioSafe® Pass-Through Chambers CleanMount BioSafe® Pass-Through Chambers
  • CleanSeam™ Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber CleanSeam™ Pass-Through Chambers
  • Dual-Level Gowning Benches, Interconnected Unit Dual-Level Gowning Benches, Interconnected Unit
  • Room Side Replaceable Fan Filter Units (FFUs) Room Side Replaceable WhisperFlow® Fan Filter Units (FFUs)
  • Stainless Steel WhisperFlow Fan and Filter Units Stainless Steel WhisperFlow Fan and Filter Units, 2' x 4'
  • Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom
  • Transaction Drawers with Window and Talk-Through Module ValuLine™ Transaction Drawer with Window
  • Floor Mount Roll-Up Passthrough Chamber Floor Mount Roll-Up Passthrough Chamber
  • Transaction Window Shallow Tray Full View Uninstalled Transaction Window Shallow Tray Full View
  • Swing-Door Pass-Through WIndow Convenience Swing-Door Pass-Through WIndow
Smart Pass-Through Chamber with Models
Control Panel for Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms
CleanMount BioSafe® Pass-Through Chambers
CleanSeam™ Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber
Dual-Level Gowning Benches, Interconnected Unit
Room Side Replaceable Fan Filter Units (FFUs)
Stainless Steel WhisperFlow Fan and Filter Units
Explosion-Proof Softwall Cleanroom
Transaction Drawers with Window and Talk-Through Module
Floor Mount Roll-Up Passthrough Chamber
Transaction Window Shallow Tray Full View Uninstalled
Swing-Door Pass-Through WIndow

Technical Resources


BioSafe® Pass-Throughs

Showing the optimal cleanroom pass-through chamber for aseptic operations, this video provides an overview of the features and benefits of BioSafe pass-throughs.


Cleanroom Pass-Through Operational Benefits

Learn about the twelve ways Terra cleanroom pass-through chambers can help overcome your operational challenges such as maintaining cleanliness, reducing cost, and transferring over-sized items into the controlled environment.

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