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  • Durable acrylic housing includes hot-pressed, easy-read flow scales
  • Features accuracy within ± 5% of full scale

Terra Flowmeters are our most popular gas regulators for low-volume flows; they are suitable for total pressures up to 100 psig and temperatures to 150°F (66°C). Bodies are cut and precision-machined from solid, clear acrylic* blocks for easy visual inspection and maximum durability. Precision-machined bores provide accuracy to within ± 5% of full scale.

Two-inch reading scales are hot pressed into the plastic; front scale location and white background provide excellent visibility. Select from among three different flow ranges, according to enclosure size (see chart below).

Caution: Terra Flowmeters should not be used with fluids or gases that may attack acrylic plastic body.

*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.
Meter Body: Acrylic plastic; metering tube machined into body
Wetted Metal Parts: Brass inlet, 304 stainless steel outlet
Float: Black glass
Pipe Connections: 0.125" NPT horizontal
"O" Rings: Buna-N
Scale: Hot pressed into acrylic body
Knobs: ABS Plastic
Pressure Rating: To 100 P.S.I. maximum
Temperature Rating: To 150°F (66°C) maximum
Flowmeter Fittings: Includes brass male connector and hex nipple
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Flow Range (SCFH)
Application Cat. # Price
0.6-5 for one-door desiccators 1600-03 * $ 138
1-10 for 2 and 3-door desiccators 1600-31 * $ 138
2-20 for desiccators with 4 to 10 doors 1600-32 * $ 143
*Includes fittings

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Which Nitrogen Control System?
A comparative guide to Terra’s control system features and benefits.
Manual (PDF) Desiccator Cabinets and RH Controllers: Doc. # 1800-40
This manual provides installation and operating instructions for the following Terra desiccator lines: Adjust-A-Shelf, Pass-through, Wafer Box, Kitticator, Tape and Reel, Farracator and Series 100 through 400. The manual also covers the following RH Controllers: Flowmeter, Dual Purge System and NitroWatch.
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