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Gasketing for Desiccators
For Desiccator Doors Without Stainless Steel Frames

Gasketing for Desiccators

Desiccator doors without stainless steel frames
Desiccator doors without
stainless steel frames
  • Allows easy replacement of worn gaskets on desiccator cabinets
  • Bond strength increases with time and temperature
  • Rugged material ensures long service life

Constant exposure to a nitrogen environment eventually dries out door gasketing, causing it to lose its elasticity and hence its sealing capability. But dried-out gaskets don't have to mean an obsolete desiccator.

When you notice that gaskets have begun to crack or stiffen, simply peel them off (you may need to scrape portions off with a razor blade), and then replace them. This closed-cell PVC foam extrusion will stand up to years of nitrogen exposure, and its self-adhesive, noncontaminating backing is specially designed for use with acrylic.

Density: lbs./cu. ft. (kg/m3) 7 (112) ASTM D-1667
Hardness: Shore 00 45 ASTM D-2240
Tensile Strength: PSI (kPa) 81.5 (562.1) NTP-7
Elongation: % 167 NTP-7
30% Compression: PSI (kPa) 2.74 (18.9) ASTM D-1667
30% Deflection: PSI (kPa) 0.87 (6.0) ASTM D-1667
50% Compression: PSI (kPa) 5.52 (38.1) ASTM D-1667
50% Deflection: PSI (kPa) 1.72 (11.9) ASTM D-1667
*Water Absorption: % by Volume 4 NTP-35
*Compression Set Room Temperature:
xx 24 hour recovery %:
2 NTP-37
Recommended Service Temp.: -15o F to 160o F (-26o C to 71o C)
Recommended Application Temp.: 40o F to 125o F (4o C to 52o C)
* Based on 30% compression.  
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One-Piece "e"-Profile Elastomer Gaskets One-piece design with fused corners eliminates leaks
One-piece design with fused corners eliminates leaks   Desiccator doors with  stainless steel frames
One-piece design with fused corners eliminates leaks   Desiccator doors with
stainless steel frames

One-Piece "e"-Profile Elastomer Gaskets

All Terra Universal enclosures with stainless steel door frames now feature these innovative nonoutgassing gaskets. These gaskets are permanently installed on the door.

Because they are mechanically attached to the door, they require no adhesives, and they won't slip or migrate over time. They are made of extruded Santoprene®, a thermoplastic rubber which produces no detectable volatile materials over one part per million in high-temperature gas chromatography and mass spectrometry testing.

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