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Part 1: Terra Desiccator Overview

Review what a desiccator is and how it protects moisture-sensitive parts.

Part 2: Terra Desiccator Features

Desiccator materials and stainless steel-framed doors.

Part 3: Terra Desiccator Leveling

Desiccator materials and stainless steel-framed doors.

Part 4: Terra Desiccator Humidity Control

Controling Humidity with Terra's Control System.

Smart Desiccator Setup

Complete installation and programming in under a minute!

Why desiccator storage?

A technical overview to how desiccators extend shelf lives and increase product yields.

Why Terra desiccators?

Compare the many design and fabrication features that make Terra desiccators the most efficient and durable cabinets available.

Why use Nitrogen?

A guide to how nitrogen purging protects moisture-sensitive materials.

Which Nitrogen Control System?

A comparative guide to Terra’s control system features and benefits.

Static-Control Methods

A technical review of the advantages and applications of static neutralizing ionization equipment, static-dissipative materials, and Faraday-cage cabinets.

Desiccator Installation and Cleaning

Recommended cleaning techniques and agents for various desiccator materials.

QuickShip Desiccators and Accessories

Desiccators and desiccator accessories in stock, crated and ready for immediate shipping.

Chemical Compatibility Charts

A general guide for various materials and chemicals.
  Metals   Plastics   Rubber and Synthetics

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Desiccator Storage: The Missing Link
Read about the benefits of Desiccator storage for moisture-sensitive parts, and what can happen to materials when not stored correctly. Originally published in A2C2, April 1999.
White Paper (PDF) On-Site Nitrogen Generation: Cheaper, Easier, More Reliable
Learn how on-site nitrogen generation saves money by not having to order canisters of inert gas for desiccators, glove boxes and analytical instruments. You can make your own purified nitrogen from compressed air using a sophisticated membrane module (find out how it works!).
Tech Resource (PDF) Desiccator Cabinets and Cleanrooms: Controlled Environments 2-16-2016 article
Read this Controlled Environments Magazine (Feb. 16, 2016) article about the value of desiccators and what can happen without proper storage of moisture-sensitive materials. Learn what designs are appropriate for cleanroom installation.
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