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Faraccator™ Static-Safe Desiccators

  Faraccator Desiccator
Ordering Information
Faraccator Static-Safe Desiccator System Options
Features Key

A Dual Purge™ System
B NitroWatch® RH Controller
C Grounding Terminals (SDPVC models)
D Door Sensor Switches
E Plenum Chamber
F Automatic RB® Valve
G Stainless Steel Trays
H Grounded Door Latch (SDPVC models)
I Stands with casters
J Tamper-Proof Hinges
Nitrogen Generator (not shown)

CE Mark All desiccator cabinets and Dual Purge™/ NitroWatch™ control systems.
CE Declaration

humidity level critical

Slide-out trays are  easy to remove
Slide-out trays are easy to remove from
noncontaminating slides
Faraday cage protects shelf contents against ESD
Faraday cage protects shelf contents against ESD

Faraccator™ Storage System for Static-Sensitive Materials
  • Faraday-design provides 100% static safety; conforms to DOD HDBK 263 and MIL-SPEC 1686
  • Sealed, nitrogen-purged environment ensures complete control over particles and moisture
  • Automatic humidity controls help extend shelf lives indefinitely
  • Static-Dissipative PVC protects against static and contamination build-ups
  • Removable trays make kitting a breeze
  • Inlay packages allow adjustable bin sizes for organized storage
  • Available with UltraClean™ 304 stainless steel trays
  • Security Faraccators™ offer tamper-proof security

Terra's Faraccator™ Storage Systems incorporate state-of-the-art engineering to control static, moisture and contamination and thereby extend the shelf lives of stored materials. In addition, their space-efficient, modular design maximizes convenience, saves storage space, and cuts locating time.

Their Faraday-cage design completely shields stored materials against induced electrostatic charges. In fact, tests show that the static protection offered by these Faraccators™ far exceeds that of stainless steel desiccator cabinets with glass sides or doors. They conform to DOD HDBK 263 and meet the static decay requirements of MIL-SPEC 1686.

Shell Design of Faracctor™ Storage Desiccator
Fabricated of clear acrylic or Static-Dissipative PVC, Faraccator™ Storage Systems provide full 360-degree viewing of stored components. Solvent-welding and contamination-free materials guarantee a clean environment free of outgassing. Faraccator™ cabinets house from one to four air-tight compartments of two different widths (see dimensional guide). And because Faraccator™ components are standardized, you can easily replace a damaged door—either with another door from your own stock or simply by phoning in an order.

Faraccator™ Has Slide-Out Drawers and Runners
The system's conductive trays are made of 304 stainless steel. They can be easily removed and used as handling trays throughout manufacturing or testing operations; this flexibility eliminates the need directly to touch—and possibly to contaminate—sensitive microelectronic components. It also allows you to perform kitting and inventory procedures at a laminar flow station—and to minimize the time that access doors must remain open.

The trays mount easily into the system's runners to become slide-out drawers. Runners feature an easy-glide suspension system that supports up to 40 lbs (18.1 kg). when fully extended and allows full access to every inch of drawer space. Two-drawer compartments provide 5.25" (133 mm) of clearance for stored materials (such as 4", 102 mm, waffle packs); three-drawer compartments provide 3.1875" (81 mm) of clearance and are ideal for 2" (51 mm) waffle packs.

Terra now offers 2" (51 mm), 3" (76 mm) and 5" ( 127 mm) high drawers to enhance ESD shielding and storage flexibility. Higher drawer heights eliminate exposure of larger stored materials to induced static charge and provide greater protection against contaminants when drawers are used as carrying trays. Smaller trays provide gaps for the circulation of free ions in applications involving ionizing nozzles.

Faraccator™ Storage Features 304 Stainless Steel Doors
Standard Faraccator™ doors feature a LiftLatch™ mounted to a stainless steel reinforcement bar. LiftLatches seal the door without applying lateral torque that could damage door hinges.

For extended service life and improved sealing performance, Terra recommends optional stainless steel door frames, which include a unique, one-piece gasket that will not shrink or migrate over extended exposure to a pressurized cabinet. See ordering options for more complete information.

Complete Humidity and Particle Control
All Terra Faraccators™ feature a gas inlet for the introduction of nitrogen and an outlet for an Automatic RB® (relief/bleed) Valve, which guarantees a uniform positive pressure and guards against warping—or even rupturing—caused by excessive internal pressure. This continuous positive pressure effectively blocks out moisture and contaminants.

System options include the Dual Purge System, which provides a variable flow of nitrogen into the Faraccator™, and the NitroWatch®, which automatically controls the moisture level. These two systems operate in tandem to ensure a dry, particle-free environment and to extend the shelf life of your valuable materials.

For enhanced contamination control, select Faraccators™ made of transparent Static-Dissipative PVC. This revolutionary material features static-dissipative surfaces that will not attract charged particles—inside or out. It thus helps keep the exterior of the Faraccator™ as clean as the interior—an important consideration in the cleanroom environment.

Select Ionizing Nozzles for applications that involve nonconductive materials. These nozzles emit free ions that neutralize any charged surfaces inside the Faraccator™. They also help control contamination by making sure that no charged particles can cling to an inside surface.

Stainless Steel Inlays and Dividers
The optional inlays furnish each drawer with 304 stainless steel inlay sides, slotted every .375" (10 mm) to permit easy insertion of stainless steel dividers (dividers must be ordered separately). Inlays are offered as a package when you order a Faraccator™ with 2" (51 mm)-deep trays (see ordering table). Inlay packages can also be ordered for other drawer heights, and individual inlays are also available to let you design your own bin sizes.

Note: Inlays allow front-to-back storage of up to 192 2-inch (51 mm) waffle packs (with clips) in small trays, and up to 240 2-inch (51 mm) waffle packs in large trays.

Ordering Information
Faraccator Static-Safe Desiccator System Options

Nitrogen generator Nitrogen Generators give you a reliable point-of-use supply of up to 99%-pure nitrogen. Eliminate the drawbacks of canisters and 3rd-party suppliers! You control volume, purity and rate; all you need is a clean compressed-air feed. Terra's three sizes of maintenance-free membrane generators meet several capacity requirements are ideal for back-filling or continuous flow into desiccators, glove boxes, vacuum chambers and incubators. 

File Type File Name Publication Date
White Paper (PDF) Static-Control Methods
A technical review of the advantages and applications of static neutralizing ionization equipment, static-dissipative materials, and Faraday-cage cabinets.
White Paper (PDF) On-Site Nitrogen Generation: Cheaper, Easier, More Reliable
Learn how on-site nitrogen generation saves money by not having to order canisters of inert gas for desiccators, glove boxes and analytical instruments. You can make your own purified nitrogen from compressed air using a sophisticated membrane module (find out how it works!).
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Desiccator Storage?
A technical overview to how desiccators extend shelf lives and increase product yields.
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Terra Desiccators?
Compare the many design and fabrication features that make Terra desiccators the most efficient and durable cabinets available.
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Use Nitrogen?
A guide to how nitrogen purging protects moisture-sensitive materials.
Tech Resource (PDF) Desiccator Installation and Cleaning
Recommended cleaning techniques and agents for various desiccator materials.
Manual (PDF) Desiccator Cabinets and RH Controllers: Doc. # 1800-40
This manual provides installation and operating instructions for the following Terra desiccator lines: Adjust-A-Shelf, Pass-through, Wafer Box, Kitticator, Tape and Reel, Farracator and Series 100 through 400. The manual also covers the following RH Controllers: Flowmeter, Dual Purge System and NitroWatch.
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